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Amerado Replies Lyrical Joe, Kofi Mole And Others With Kyibom

Amerado is out with a new freestyle video dubbed Kyibom. The song is a reply to Lyrical Joe and Kofi Mole’s diss shared earlier this year.
In the song, Amerado was seen throwing heavy shots at these rappers on top of showing his rap prowess as the new Rap Lord.
The rapper further explained in the song that his team’s decision not to respond to diss songs is because of some brands he works with and he is not ready to lose them for clout chasing.
Watch/Listen to Kyibom here:




Khendi Beatz Recruits Yaw Tog, Beeztrap KOTM And Abdee On ‘I’m Okay’

Ghanaian sound engineer, Khendi Beatz has added another banger to his list has he releases his much anticipated song ‘I’m Okay’.


Khendi Beatz known professionally for producing and mastering monster hit songs has recruited Yaw Tog, Beeztrap KOTM and Abdee to birth yet another great master piece.


This is a great infusion of drill and rap. Yaw Tog, Beeztrap KOTM and Abdee all exerted their  lyrical prowess on this new jam. Listen to I’m okay from the link below and don’t forget to update your playlist as well.


Stream I’m Okay Here:

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Ghanaian-Netherland Base H 4real Release New One Dubbed “Beautiful Girl”

Ghanaian, Netherland-based – Rising Afrobeat artist H. 4realhas release his upbeat new single “Beautiful Girl”, in all digital stores worldwide, aiming to inspire an international dance challenge on TikTok and other social media platforms that celebrates women and cultural exchange.


“Beautiful Girl” takes its inspiration from the high-energy dance styles of Africa, with exclusive lyrics celebrating beauty in all its forms. H. 4real hopes the song’s feel-good rhythms will motivate girls from different continents to create their own dance routines representing their home styles on popular social media platforms.


The proposed “Beautiful Girl” dance challenge would see girls from Africa, America, and Europe initially competing with movements native to their regions, whether that’s Afrobeat, dance, or any dance form. Girls from other parts of the world would then be encouraged to join in the dance challenge by choosing any of the lead dance styles that spark their interest.


Over time, H. 4real envisions one signature dance emerging as the most popular crossover style, representing the “winning” continent in a celebration of unity through dance. However, the ultimate goal is bringing girls and cultures together rather than dividing them competitively.


“With ‘Beautiful Girl’, I wanted to create a song that empowers women and inspires cultural exchange, especially among the youth,” said H. 4real. “Through dance, we can learn about and appreciate differences while also finding our common ground. I hope the challenge brings joy and new friends to participants worldwide.”


The single has been released on 24-11-2023 across major streaming platforms. Add “Beautiful Girl” to your playlists now to help catalyze this meaningful phenomenon and spread optimism globally. H. 4real believes music has the power to empower self-expression for all.


For more information on H. 4real and “Beautiful Girl”, visit the links below.



H. 4Real  is a Ghanaian-Netherland-based artist known for his socially conscious music and party songs. He was born in Ghana and currently lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


H. 4Real began his music career in senior high school while working in his brother’s barber shop during holidays. It was there that he was inspired to start performing after seeing a photo calendar of celebrities, including American R&B singer SISQO. Back in his hometown of Langbinsi, H. 4Real began gaining recognition for his performance skills.


In his third year of high school at Nalerigu Senior High, H. 4Real’s talents were recognized when he was voted entertainment prefect. It was during this time that he also started writing his own songs.


After graduating high school, H. 4Real focused fully on his music career. He began recording his own songs in amateur studios. Unlike much of the popular music at the time which centered around dancing and partying, H. 4Real’s lyrics tackle social issues while still maintaining an upbeat danceable sound.


H. 4Real is passionate about using his platform to get important messages across to his listeners around the world. He is not afraid to speak his mind through his music and addresses issues in a straightforward, “keep it real” manner. It is important to mention after senior high H. 4real holds several degrees from different universities in Ghana and in the Netherlands.


Since those early beginnings in Ghana, H. 4Real has now based himself in Amsterdam, Netherlands where he continues to record and perform his conscious rap music. He views each new song and performance as an opportunity to keep moving his career and message forward.


Stream Here:


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Strongman And King Paluta Break Ground with Chart-Topping Fusion Track ‘Chilling’

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Ghanaian artist Strongman teams up with the versatile King Paluta to release a highlife drill fusion titled “Chilling.” This fresh tune not only showcases Strongman’s impeccable rap lines but also introduces the audience to King Paluta’s refreshing vocals, who also takes on the role of the producer for this chart-worthy track.


Stream “Chilling” by Strongman featuring King Paluta-


“Chilling” is a musical masterpiece that seamlessly blends the vibrant energy of highlife and the gritty edge of drill, offering a unique auditory experience. Strongman, known for his lyrical prowess, delivers compelling rap lines that resonate with authenticity, while King Paluta’s catchy choruses add a melodic dimension to the track. The fusion of these two talented artists creates a dynamic synergy that sets “Chilling” apart in the Ghanaian music scene.


What makes “Chilling” even more remarkable is the dual role played by King Paluta. Not only does he showcase his vocal prowess with refreshing choruses, but he also takes on the responsibility of producing the track. This dual talent adds an extra layer of authenticity to the collaboration, highlighting the artistic depth and versatility of both Strongman and King Paluta.


Beyond its infectious beats and engaging melodies, “Chilling” carries a message that resonates with many. The track speaks to the theme of finding success despite being underrated. Strongman’s verses touch upon the struggles and triumphs he has faced in his journey, emphasizing the resilience required to overcome challenges and achieve greatness.


“Chilling” not only marks a collaboration between two Ghanaian talents but also represents an exploration of musical genres. The infusion of highlife and drill elements in the track demonstrates the artists’ willingness to experiment and push the boundaries of traditional soundscapes.


As “Chilling” has been released, fans and music enthusiasts are eagerly poised to vibe with the auditory delight promised by this collaboration. The track is expected to resonate with a diverse audience, drawing in fans of rap, highlife, and drill music alike.


Strongman and King Paluta have joined forces to deliver a track that not only entertains but also carries a powerful message of triumph over adversity. As “Chilling” hits the airwaves, it is poised to make waves and leave an indelible mark on the hearts of music lovers across the nation.

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Prince Amoah Releases New Album Secret Camera

Prince Amoah, a gifted gospel musician, has has put together a spirit-filled new album.


His objective to remember the goodness, mercy and favour of God to individuals across the world, he has launched a new worldwide album titled ‘Secret Camera’.


‘Secret Camera’ album produced by renowned sound engineer Oshogbo, contains 11 (eleven) songs that discuss God, his strength, his ability, love, and mercy in many ways in order to motivate people not to abandon their Christian faith.


Prince Amoah,  2face Record Label artist, has released  several singles from the album, including Asotwi Wuo just to mention a few.


His dream with his newly released record ahead of the Christmas season is to help Christians reconnect more with God.


Stream Secret Camera below.



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Fina Gh Releases New Single ‘Slow Down’

Fina Gh’s song talks about a girl going through a really tough time, dealing with something a lot of us can relate to – feeling down. The lyrics describe her struggles, making it a song that many people can connect with, reminding us that it’s okay not to be okay.
What makes this song special is that it doesn’t just focus on the hard parts. It introduces us to a character who refuses to let her struggles define her. She’s strong and ready to face whatever comes her way. This part of the song shows that even when life gets tough, there’s a strength inside all of us that can help us push through.
Her voice and the music in the song add an extra layer of emotion. It’s like the song helps tell the story in a way that words alone can’t. The song becomes a way for people to express their own feelings and find a bit of relief in the music.
In the end, Fina’s song is like a message of hope. It’s a reminder that even when things seem really hard, there’s always a chance for things to get better. The song encourages us to keep going, no matter how tough the road may seem.
Other platforms
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Lil Joe Features Strongman On Certified Banger ‘Odo’

Talented singer Lil Joe is back again with a remix of his joint dubbed ‘Odo’ which has a potential to be a banger, featuring Ghana rap heavy weight Strongman.
Listen to Odo (Remix) ft. Strongman by Lil Joe Gh on Boomplay –
The melodic singer delivered soul-touching lyrics on a high-life fused with Afrobeats instrumental. Strongman complemented the track with his witty verse to make it a complete masterpiece.
The Lil Joe Empire frontline has promised to produce back-to-back banger for his fans during the dying embers of this year and throughout the coming year. He also hinted at a possible EP or Album release with more features in 2024.
The song was produced, mixed and mastered by veteran engineer, Mr. Brain, who has been very influential on Lil Joe’s promising career.

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Kwesi Pazzle Releases His Debut EP “First Aid Box”

Emerging Ghanaian dancehall musician Kwesi PaZzle  With ‘’Believe EP’’ Featuring Ayshi Medyson, IP Stormy, EbbyZee, Jay Vybe, Unlooking Gang, RapTins and Churches Bless.

The follow up to last year’s singles sees the Ghanaian Music star Kwesi Pazzle attempt to surpass his own high bar with Believe EP featuring Ayshi Medyson, IP Stormy, EbbyZee, Jay Vybe, Unlooking Gang, RapTins and Churches Bless.

After releasing Say I do, Kwesi Pazzle is finally out with a power-packed compilation in his first Studio installment.

The album expresses profound thoughts with heated and thought-provoking lyrics with narratable storylines, brilliant metaphors, entertaining antidotes and a deep well of conviction.

“FIRST AID BOX” EP launched under REAL TALENT MUSIC got released on Digital Stores on Friday, 17th November, 2023 with 8 songs listed for it.



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From Trotro Mate To Rising Star: Meet Joeynado

Joeynado, a former Trotro mate, has recently been making waves in the music industry with his hit song “Make Dem Tell U.”

In a recent interview on Hitz FM, Joey shared his inspiring journey from driving a public transport vehicle (Trotro) to becoming a rising star in the entertainment world.

Joeynado story is a testament to the power of passion and determination.

Having started his career as a Trotro mate,Joeynado always had a deep love for music.

Despite his demanding job, he spent his spare time writing lyrics and honoring his singing skills, dreaming of a breakthrough in the industry.

During his interview on Hitz FM, Joeynado opened up about the challenges he faced while working as a Trotro driver and pursuing his musical aspirations simultaneously.

He discussed the long hours, the struggles to balance his time, and the sacrifices he had to make. However, his drive and passion for music kept him going.

Reflecting on his newfound fame, Joeynado expressed his gratitude and excitement.

He spoke about how his life has transformed since the release of his hit song, from being a relatively unknown Trotro mate to being recognized by fans and industry professionals like Ayisha Modi popularly known as She Loves Stonebwoy and Richy Rymz (KOTY).

He is currently working with Blood Line Gang (BLG) and releases his songs under KOTY ACADEMY. He says it’s a One Big Family of Musicians.

The transition has been surreal for him, but he remains grounded and focused on his passion for music.

Joeynado is currently promoting his debut single, “Make Dem Tell U.” and He is about to release the Remix featuring Larruso .


Stream single from below



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Qelven Yebo Announces Presence With Kyoto Flow

In as much as it brings growth to the industry, the discovery of young promising talents has always brought staggering Jim-Jams to reigning artistes for fear of being overtaken. Well, I hate to be a bearer of bad news to such camps as I unveil the new liege Lord in music with all confidence!

With a career spanning close to a decade, Kelvin Yeboah, a young talented composer, singer and a performer who goes by the moniker Qelven Yebo, has released another major single titled KYOTO FLOW and it is awe striking.


Wow! Such uniqueness to behold. The entire production of the song is one that fits international standard and is distinctively a gamp of creativity that sends chills down ones spine without exaggeration. Without doubts, this record will be one of the banging evergreens 2023 will produce.

On kyoto flow, the singer, Qelven Yebo narrates his life’s journey amidst some party vibes. The groove that comes with the song was creatively crafted to fit into a dj’s playlist at any occasion or event.

Qelven Yebo’s vision in the music business is to attract more international eyeballs to our local industry and he believe he has what it takes to achieve that. His experience as a musician spans from his secondary school days at adisadel college, through to performing on major stages with some industry big guns right after school. He has tested and passed all phases of the music game. From rap to singing melodies. A reason he is unbeatable in the music game.

The music aside, his achievements on the educational front cannot be overlooked. He attended Ghana Telecom University where he graduated with a degree in Bachelor’s of communications in Accra. After graduating university, his interest for music increased and evidently, we are all Witnesses to that today.

His latest single, kyoto flow, a song to rule and top chats for months, was produced by one of the industry’s revered beat makers, DatBeatGod.

Kyoto Flow is currently out on all digital platforms.




Kelvin Yeboah is a Ghanaian Afrobeats singer-songwriter with over five popular songs scattered across Ghana and Africa. He is known for his unique way of weaving creative yet inspiring words to entertain and inspire his listeners. Kelvin Yeboah’s latest released single, kyoto flow is a continuation of his work to unite, inspire, entertain and enlighten a world full of trouble and pain.


Born and raised in Tesano, a small community in Greater Accra on Monday august 5, 1996, Kelvin Yeboah, known widely as Qelven Yebo, had a variety of both local and international role models who inspired his music journey even as a child. The likes Kojo Antwi, Daddy Lumba, Amakyi Dede, Boys || Men, Puff Daddy, Mick Knight, Lionel Richie, Bow Wow and Westlife contributed massively to his achievements in music today. His parents, Mrs. Freda Ewurafuah Gordon Yeboah and Mr. Steve Akwasi Dwumfuor Yeboah were also a greater inspiration. Their love for good music and constant cd purchase was a big deal to Cementing their son’s feet in the Ghanaian music industry. They became his number one fan and coach after discovering the creative abilities he exerts in music.


Qelven Yebo’s talent as a singer and songwriter began to bud in high school in 2007. He was challenged to uncover his talent after being exposed to other budding talents in his first year at Adisadel College. This helped him polish his public relation and speaking skills through singing and rap competitions, MCing and other creative programs. By vacation, he had become very famous that he won the Male Vocalist in his first term at Adisadel College. This connected him to big guns like Kwabena Kwabena,Mud Fish, Asem, Appietus, Ashes amongst others. His connection with these personalities initiated his first debut single, get money, and then my girl, bagga,and okada which featured Kuami Eugene in the subsequent years with his mom as his manager and dad as his producer. However, things came to a standstill when his manager (mother) was diagnosed of acute kidney disease and later died as a result. Those were trying times for Qelven who was now living with his step mother. To get rid of the pain of losing someone as dear as a mother and manager, he got enrolled at the Ghana Telecommunication Technology University. While in school, his father urged him to go back for his music boots and face the world until the universe can’t resist him anymore. The words of his father were so emotional that, it encouraged him to come back with kyoto flow after many years of being absent from the music scene.





Qelven Yebo was so enthused with school even as a child. At age two (2), he was enrolled at HazelWay International School in Accra and then to Kent City Junior High School also in Accra. After successfully passing his BECE at Kent City Junior High, he gained admission into Adisadel College in the central region of Ghana where he offered General Arts. He completed in 2010 and moved to Ghana Telecommunication University Technology (GTUC) where he graduated with a degree in Bachelor of  science and Engineering Communication in 2020.


Qelven Yebo is the second of fourteen (14) siblings. His mother, Mrs. Freda Ewurafuah Gordon Yeboah until her demise was a business woman and his father, Mr. Steve Akwasi Dwumfour Yeboah  is also into business. He is the only person in the family who is into the creative arts and believe his chosen profession will soon draw the worlds attention to his family as other celebrated individuals like Micheal Jackson has done.


Qelven Yebo has been in the entertainment space close to a decade. Even as a child growing up, he mounted big platforms like tv3’s music music amongst other top notch performances. He has been interviewed by high profile personalities like Jon Germain, Ameyaw Debrah, Bola Ray and a host of other great commanders of the airwaves.

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Adolf Tagoe Releases New Single Titled ‘Lolonye’ (My Love)

Adolf Tagoe, Ghanaian highlife legend is out with a new single titled ‘Lolonye’.


‘Lolonye’ which means ‘My Love’ talks for individuals who has their lovers far away from them encouraging them to keep loving each other not letting distance become a barrier between them as Nana Fynn was featured on this song.


The ‘Kakalika’ Hitmaker, who is known throughout the country for creating distinctive tunes, has added another world record to his repertoire of successful songs.


Listen, Download, and Share.



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