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Richard Bona: A Journey Through The Life And Achievements Of A Musical Virtuoso

Richard Bona, a name synonymous with musical excellence and innovation, has carved a niche for himself in the global music landscape. A virtuoso bassist, singer, and composer, Bona’s music transcends boundaries, blending traditional African rhythms with jazz, pop, and world music influences. This article delves into Bona’s life, his journey into music, and his remarkable achievements that have cemented his status as one of the most versatile musicians of our time.
Richard Bona was born on October 28, 1967, in Minta, a small village in Cameroon. His full name, Bona Pinder Yayumayalolo, reflects his African heritage. From a young age, Bona was surrounded by music. His grandfather was a traditional singer, and his mother was a singer in the local church choir. This rich musical environment laid the foundation for Bona’s early interest in music.
By the age of four, Bona had already demonstrated an exceptional musical talent. He built his first balafon (a type of wooden xylophone) with materials he found around his home. His innate ability to play multiple instruments was evident, and by the age of eleven, he had mastered the guitar, prompting local attention and performances at various events.
In pursuit of his musical dreams, Bona moved to Europe in 1989, initially settling in Germany. However, it was in France that his career truly began to take shape. He attended the National Conservatory of Music in Paris, where he honed his skills and immersed himself in the vibrant Parisian music scene.
Paris proved to be a fertile ground for Bona’s burgeoning talent. He collaborated with renowned artists such as Didier Lockwood, Marc Fosset, and the legendary pianist Joe Zawinul. These collaborations not only broadened his musical horizons but also established him as a formidable presence in the jazz and world music scenes.
Richard Bona’s international breakthrough came when he moved to New York City in the late 1990s. The city’s diverse and dynamic music scene provided the perfect platform for Bona to showcase his multifaceted talent. He quickly became a sought-after session musician, playing with illustrious names such as Pat Metheny, Bobby McFerrin, and Michael Brecker.
In 1999, Bona released his debut solo album, “Scenes from My Life,” a deeply personal work that melded his African roots with jazz and pop influences. The album was met with critical acclaim and established Bona as a solo artist with a unique voice and vision. His follow-up albums, including “Reverence” (2001) and “Munia: The Tale” (2003), further solidified his reputation as a leading figure in contemporary music.
Richard Bona’s music is a tapestry of diverse influences. His sound is characterized by intricate rhythms, melodic bass lines, and soulful vocals. He seamlessly fuses elements of jazz, Afrobeat, bossa nova, and pop, creating a distinctive style that is both innovative and accessible.
Bona’s virtuosity on the bass guitar is unparalleled. He has the rare ability to make the bass a lead instrument, crafting melodies and harmonies that are as complex as they are beautiful. His vocal style, often likened to that of the late great Jaco Pastorius, is marked by its warmth and emotional depth.
One of Bona’s significant contributions to music is his use of technology to enhance his performances. He employs looping pedals and effects to create rich, layered soundscapes, allowing him to perform as a one-man band. This innovative approach has not only set him apart from his contemporaries but also inspired a new generation of musicians.
Throughout his career, Richard Bona has received numerous accolades and awards, recognizing his extraordinary talent and contributions to music. He has been nominated for multiple Grammy Awards and won a Grammy in 2002 for his collaboration on “Speaking of Now” with the Pat Metheny Group.
In addition to his Grammy recognition, Bona has received various international awards, including the prestigious Victoire de la Musique Award in France. He has also been honored with the Antonio Carlos Jobim Award at the Montreal International Jazz Festival in 2009, highlighting his influence in jazz and world music.
Bona’s discography is a testament to his versatility and creative prowess. Some notable projects include:
– “Scenes from My Life” (1999): His debut solo album, blending African rhythms with jazz and pop.
* “Reverence” (2001): A critically acclaimed album that further established his unique sound.
– “Tiki”(2005): Nominated for a Grammy Award, showcasing his continued innovation.
– “Heritage” (2016): An exploration of his Afro-Cuban roots with the Mandekan Cubano ensemble.
Beyond his solo projects, Bona has collaborated with numerous artists across various genres. His work with the Zawinul Syndicate, Chick Corea, and Harry Belafonte highlights his adaptability and broad appeal.
Despite his global fame, Richard Bona remains deeply connected to his roots. He frequently returns to Cameroon, where he supports local musicians and invests in community projects. His music often reflects themes of social justice, love, and the human experience, resonating with audiences worldwide.
Bona’s influence extends beyond his music. He is a mentor to young musicians, offering guidance and support to help them navigate the complexities of the music industry. His dedication to his craft and his generosity of spirit have earned him the admiration and respect of peers and fans alike.
Richard Bona’s journey from a small village in Cameroon to the global stage is a testament to his extraordinary talent, hard work, and dedication. His innovative approach to music, coupled with his deep respect for his cultural heritage, has made him a unique and influential figure in contemporary music. As Bona continues to create and inspire, his legacy as a musical virtuoso and cultural ambassador remains firmly established, ensuring that his contributions to the world of music will be celebrated for generations to come.
Written By Promoter Koolic
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Meet Prinz Xtra, The Buzzing Afrobeats Singer Signed To Skolars Entertainment

Skolars Entertainment has fully stepped on the scene with their debut signee, Prinz Xtra – tipped to become one of the most sought after Ghanaian Singers, soon.


Prinz Xtra, who found his passion in music during his High School days devoted time and effort to hone his craft from his younger years; he began with organizing and involving himself in rap competitions on campus to showcase his talent. Starting out as a rapper later found him transforming himself into a singer who now churns out sweet melodies and fine lyrics.


Before stepping into the big space with his contemporaries, Prinx Xtra had already tested the waters with singles like “Alele”, “Buried Inside”, “Mon Bebe” and “Money Icon”.



Early Life And Education:

Prinz Xtra was born on April 9th as Prince Teye Matey, in Odumase Krobo, Eastern Region of Ghana. He sadly lost his father at a very young age, and had to keep under his mother’s parenting, into his adulthood.


He has his basic education at Starward School in Agormanya, and later furthered his high school Education at Akwamuman Senior High in Akosombo. Prinz is currently enrolled at Mount Mary College of Education in Somanya.




Music Career:

In 2019, Prinz Xtra discovered his artistic potential while in high school. Driven by passion, he organized rap battles on campus and performance to showcase himself and others to the audience. In 2021, he had the opportunity to perform on one of the biggest stages in the Eastern Region during the “Eastern Arts and Music Awards” where he performed alongside other artistes.



  • Buried Inside (2023)
  • Mon Bebe (2023)
  • Money Icon (2024)


Kindly follow him on Social Media below:

Facebook – Prinz Xtra

Tiktok, Instagram and X – @Prinz_Xtra


For bookings and press: +233532712998

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From The Streets Of Sekondi Takoradi To International Acclaim: The Journey Of XLNC Fiifi Selah

Nestled in the heart of Ghana’s western region lies Sekondi Takoradi, a vibrant twin city pulsating with culture, music, and untold stories of dreams realized against all odds. It is here that Emmanuel Kofi Botchway, known to the world as XLNC Fiifi Selah, began his remarkable journey from a young dreamer to a celebrated musician and influencer. In this in-depth exploration, we delve into the life, trials, and triumphs of XLNC Fiifi Selah, tracing his evolution from the streets of Sekondi Takoradi to international acclaim.
Emmanuel’s journey began amidst the bustling streets and rich cultural tapestry of Sekondi Takoradi. From a tender age, his passion for music and cultural arts blossomed, nurtured by his experiences at Chapel Hill School. Despite facing resistance from his parents, who emphasized academic pursuits, Emmanuel’s unwavering determination led him to make a bold decision at the age of 18: to run away from home in pursuit of his musical dreams.
Guided by a prophetic dream that initiated him into a life dedicated to music, Emmanuel found himself back on the streets of Sekondi Takoradi, reconnecting with friends and navigating the challenges of street life. Together, they formed True Dreams Record Label and produced their first album titled “Slavery,” prioritizing artistic expression over financial gain.
Emmanuel’s formative years at Adisadel College played a pivotal role in shaping his artistic identity. Inspired by legendary musicians like Daddy Lumba, he honed his craft as a vocalist and dancer, laying the foundation for his future in the music industry. As a founding member of TH4 Kwages, Emmanuel recorded albums that propelled the group to fame, establishing them as pioneers in Ghana’s hiplife scene.
Becoming a family man at a young age brought a newfound sense of purpose and responsibility to Emmanuel’s life. His commitment to his partner and child steered him away from negative influences, shaping his approach to both his personal life and music career.
In 2010, Emmanuel embarked on a solo career, releasing projects that reflected his growth and artistic evolution. Collaborating with renowned musicians and honing skills in sound engineering and videography, he continued to push the boundaries of his artistry.
Emmanuel’s passion for music led him to explore broadcast journalism, making a significant impact in the media industry. His dedication earned him recognition and awards, further cementing his influence in both music and journalism. In recent years, Emmanuel has partnered with Jamaican reggae artist Mikal Asher, signaling a new chapter in his career as they prepare to cross-promote their upcoming albums.
Emmanuel Kofi Botchway’s journey from the streets of Sekondi Takoradi to international acclaim is a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and a deep connection to one’s roots. As XLNC Fiifi Selah continues to evolve as an artist and influencer, his impact on both the music industry and his community remains profound and enduring. Through his music, he not only entertains but also heals and empowers, inspiring countless others to dream fearlessly and chase their aspirations against all odds.


Source: Promoter Koolic
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Introducing Super Model Abie Biba Sarah Mansaray

Abie Biba Sarah Mansaray, Ghanaian-Sierra Leonean international model, was born on February 28, 1993 in Sierra Leone.



During her early education, she attended Freetown Methodist Primary and Junior High School before enrolling in Licsal Business College.



Moving to Ghana, she continued her education by enrolling in Broadcast Journalism at Abro Media in Dansoman, Accra, and applying to the University of Professional Studies (UPSA) in Accra.



With the goal of becoming a supermodel and beauty queen, she began her acting and modeling career in Nursery while in Sierra Leone.



The dream did not end in Nursery; she continued to pursue it throughout Junior High and Senior High by modeling for her school’s entertainment programs and other activities.



Abie Biba Sarah Mansaray is a professional runway and photo model who is currently working on TRSQOA (The Real Slayqueens of Africa).



Her ultimate goal is to become a brand owner within the next five years, with numerous projects under her belt such as movie projects, modeling contracts for major brands, advertising deals, and global touring.



Connect with Abie Biba Sarah Mansaray on these social handles below.

Facebook: Abie Mansaray

Twitter (X) : @Slaybiba

Instagram: @Biba.Topmodel

TikTok: @Abiemansaraybiba


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KO7 Fast Rising Star From Easten Region

John Nkansah, popularly known as KO7 , is a fast-rising artist from Kwahu Obomeng in the Eastern Region of Ghana, With his unique blend of highlife and afrobeat, he has quickly become a fan favorite in the region and beyond.


KO7 Music started his music career in 2013 and has been on a steady rise ever since. He caught the attention of music lovers in the region with his hit song “Ya Socketti” in 2019, which showcased his catchy melodies and relatable lyrics.


In 2019, KO7 Music won the Eastern Music Awards Best Collaboration of the Year award, and this served as a stepping stone for him to gain more recognition in the industry. He has also won the Kwahu Music Awards Artist of the Year in 2022 and 2023, as well as the Eastern Music Awards Artiste of the Year in 2022 and 2023.


Some of KO7 Music’s notable songs include “Gaza,” “Na Who,” “Style Biaabi,” and “Ya Socketti.” He also released a song titled “All Stars” in 2021, which featured all the top artists in Kwahu. This song served as a testament to his ability to bring artists together and create a hit song.


Apart from his music, KO7 Music is also known for his philanthropic works in the community. He has used his platform to support various initiatives, including providing scholarships to students in his hometown and supporting the construction of a community library. KO7 Music has featured a lot of top artists on his songs such as Fameye, Obibini, Epixode, Luther now Luta GH, and many other top artists.


KO7 Music is a rising star in the Ghanaian music industry, and his talent and hard work have earned him a loyal fan base. With his unique sound and dedication to his craft, it is only a matter of time before he becomes a household name in Ghana and beyond.


KO7 Music’s hard work and dedication to his craft have paid off, and he has worked with various record labels such as Sent One Records, Wireless Moni Crew, and Team Success Entertainment. He is currently signed under 7Muzik record label, and has been making waves with his latest song titled ‘No Fake’ and enjoying good streaming numbers in the digital space.



Song Via Link Below




2023 shows played by Ko7

  3. AFC
  4. Ghana tertiary excellence awards
  5. Ko7 Accra invation  annual show organized by Team Ko7
  6. Eastern music festival
  7. The trap bars lunch
  8. Eastern Music awards
  9. XSSENCE party
  10. Ponobiom & friends pool party.
  11. Ghana talk radio street carnival


  1. Poum fest
  2. Rep your jersey pool party
  3. Kwahu music awards
  4. Adom Kwahu Easter(in March).



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Get Familiar With Talented Artist Addytan

Addytan, a brilliant and diverse Ghanaian performer, is known in real life as Addy Nii Tettey Antiaye.


The Afrobeats, dancehall, and singer was born on September 5 in Accra, Ghana, and attended Rev. John Teye, Silicon Valley International, and Faith Evangelical Mission for his elementary and junior high school education.


Following the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE), he was admitted to St. John’s Grammar Senior High School.


After completing his West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE), he was admitted to Accra Technical University, then known as Accra Polytechnic University, where he studied marketing.


Growing up, he aspired to be a professional soccer player, but at the age of nine, he discovered his passion for music.


Pursuing music as a career choice, he is motivated by the plight of the impoverished and underprivileged, believing that music is the best channel for communicating with them and giving them hope for a better future. Addytan feels that by writing lyrics in his Music, he may aid many underprivileged and poor individuals.


Addytan, a budding musician, looks up to Prince Bright of Bukbak repute as his role model.



Follow and connect with Addytan on the following social media accounts.

Facebook: Addytan

Twitter: @Addytan

Instagram: @Addytan

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Meet Robson Maurice (RobyMisterDrums) Drumming Maestro And Entrepreneur Extraordinaire Inspiring Global Harmony

In the vibrant tapestry of Montreal’s music scene, one name stands out, resonating not only for its rhythmic prowess but also for the unwavering passion and purpose behind each beat. Robson Maurice, known as RobyMisterDrums, emerges as a distinguished musician and entrepreneur whose journey weaves through the rich cultural threads of Montreal, Canada, while maintaining a profound connection to his Haitian roots.
(Early Years and Familial Musical Foundation)
Robson was born into a family of ten children where music wasn’t just a pastime; it was a familial cornerstone. Both his parents contributed their voices to church choirs and family gatherings, fostering an environment where melody and rhythm were integral to daily life.
While his siblings found their musical paths in singing, Robson’s passion gravitated toward the rhythmic heartbeat of drumming. This inclination became evident at the age of 16 during a church event, marking the genesis of a musical journey that would transcend geographical and cultural boundaries.
(A Meteoric Rise in the Musical Landscape)
Robson’s talent catapulted him into the limelight swiftly. Within his first year and a half of drumming, he graced stages not only in Montreal but also in iconic cities like New York and Boston. His performances echoed with a fusion of skill and raw passion, capturing the attention of audiences and fellow musicians alike.
What sets Robson apart is his deliberate avoidance of genre boundaries. Starting with Gospel music in Montreal, he embarked on a musical exploration that led him to play for over 50 different nations. His repertoire boasts mastery over 60 styles of music and hundreds of drum patterns, creating a sonic tapestry that transcends cultural confines.
(Harmony of Humanitarianism and Artistry)
Beyond his musical prowess, Robson is defined by his commitment to humanitarian work. This commitment came to the forefront during a transformative trip to Haiti in 2012. Initially drawn to share his rhythmic talents, Robson discovered the transformative power of the arts in teaching and providing opportunities for those with dreams.
(Calgary Calling: Resonating Drumbeats Across Canada
Now residing in Calgary, Robson’s drumming reverberates through various venues, becoming an integral part of the city’s cultural landscape. From the Stampede to the Calgary Tower and Epcor Centre (now Arts Commons), his beats are not just heard but felt. This transition also marked his national and international recognition, ranking among the top 20 drummers in the country four times. Collaborations with acclaimed international artists and contributions to diverse music genres further solidified his position in the musical sphere.
(Diversification and Entrepreneurial Ventures)
In 2014, Robson made a strategic shift from being a full-time drummer to diversifying his projects. Currently, he focuses on music creation, drum lessons, and building his corporation. Actively engaged in the arts community, Robson sits on the boards of Music Calgary and Black Arts Council, further solidifying his commitment to the broader artistic landscape.
(Classical Soul Music and the Key 30 Orchestra)
A visionary in his right, Robson introduced “Classical Soul Music,” a genre he coined. Leading the Key 30 Orchestra, he weaves life stories through his compositions, aiming to encourage perseverance through hardships and foster unity despite differences. His music becomes a vehicle for shared experiences and common ground, transcending the boundaries of language and culture.
(RobyMisterDrums Enterprise: Nurturing the Arts Ecosystem)
Under the umbrella of RobyMisterDrums Enterprise, Robson’s company is a testament to his commitment to the arts. The company strives to create an ecosystem emphasizing leadership and mentorship, with diversified brands in music, fashion, and dance. The goal is to provide resources and a supportive environment for artists to flourish globally.
(A Mission Rooted in Empowerment)
Robson’s mission goes beyond the beats; it’s rooted in adding value to artists worldwide. His company offers resources, business etiquette, financial services, and mentorship programs. Believing in the power of self-belief, he envisions inspiring artists to pursue their dreams and goals, creating a ripple effect of empowerment in the artistic community.
(A Symphony of Passion and Purpose)
In conclusion, Robson Maurice’s journey is a symphony of passion, purpose, and dedication. His rhythmic odyssey, deeply connected to his Haitian heritage and guided by the force of faith, resonates not only through his beats but also through the transformative impact he seeks to create in the world of music and beyond. RobyMisterDrums is not just a musician; he is a conductor of change, using his artistry to compose a narrative that transcends borders and unites hearts in the universal language of music.
Source : Promoter Koolic
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Get Acquainted With Ghanaian Musician, Rap Fada

Rap Fada, whose real name is David Annan, is a well-known musician from Ghana who specializes in Hip-Hop, Afrobeat, Hiplife and Highlife genres. He was born and raised in Asafo, which is located in Kumasi, the Ashanti Region’s capital.


He collaborated with Ogidi Brown and Mysterious early in his career to form the now-defunct group A- Boys, which was founded in 2008.

Mysterious had to leave the group, leaving Rap Fada and Ogidi Brown behind because of a few ups and downs.


Rap Fada and Ogidi Brown worked incredibly hard to make “Agartha” their monster hit in 2012.  Ogidi Brown, his musical collaborator, had to leave the country at a later point in their career. When his music partner left to pursue better opportunities outside and  later became involved in a car accident, things didn’t go as planned. As a result, they broke up and began to pursue solo careers.


Rap Fada is currently making a name for himself in the music industry by collaborating with many top-notched musicians. Flowking Stone, King Paluta, Fameye, Yaw Tog, Amerado, Brother Sammy, Ernest Opoku Jr., Lasmid, Eno Barony and Akwaboah are just a few of the artiste he has worked with.


He is nevertheless driven by his indisputable talent and strong mental fortitude. He overcame obstacles to become an independent artist and is currently becoming well-known as a young achiever.

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All You Need To Know About Danny Lampo, The UK Based Ghanaian Musician Breaking Boundaries With His Music

Danny Lampo is a UK-based Afro beat artiste and footballer who is quickly making a name for himself in both industries. With a unique sound that blends elements of traditional Ghanaian music with modern Afro beat rhythms, Danny Lampo has been able to capture the attention of audiences around the world.
Danny Lampo has had the opportunity to collaborate with several notable artistes in the industry, including Medikal, Kwamz and Flava, Kwabena Kwabena, Nana Quarme, Article Wan, the late legendary musician Sonni Bali, Samini, Sarkodie, KK Fosu, Ofori Amponsah, Baroki, Stephanie Benson, and many others. He has also worked with top music promoters like Alordia Promotions, Bizzles, Big Nash, and Promoter Koolic, who have helped to amplify his music and bring it to a wider audience. These collaborations and partnerships have helped to establish Danny Lampo as a rising star in the music industry, and he continues to work hard to create music that inspires and uplifts his fans.
In addition to his music career, Danny Lampo is also an accomplished footballer who has played for various teams throughout his career. Despite his busy schedule, he has been able to balance his passion for music with his love of the game, using his platform to raise awareness of important issues and inspire others to pursue their dreams.
Recently, Danny Lampo was billed as the headline artist at Action Carnival in London, where he wowed audiences with his high-energy performances and infectious beats. He has also released many popular singles, including “Paper,” “Tight Thing,” “Kung Fu,” and “Ebony,” which have helped to spread awareness of Ghanaian music and culture around the world.
Most recently, Danny Lampo released his debut album, African Queen, which features collaborations with other rising stars in the industry, including Star Vicy and AJ Safoa. The album has been well-received by audiences and has helped to further establish Danny Lampo as a rising star in the music industry.
Despite his success, Danny Lampo remains humble and dedicated to his craft. He continues to work hard to create music that inspires and uplifts his fans, while also pursuing his passion for football and using his platform to make a positive impact in the world.
In conclusion, Danny Lampo is a talented and versatile artiste who is quickly making a name for himself in both the music and football industries. With his infectious beats, unique sound, and inspiring.


Story: Promoter Koolic
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All You Need To Know About Ghanaian Musician, RockieFella

RockieFella, also known as Owusu Peprah Yaw, is a promising young artist from Ghana with the potential to make a global impact in the music industry. Born in Berekum, in the Bono region of Ghana, RockieFella discovered his love and passion for music at an early age.

He is currently signed to his own record label, MTUB AFRICA, where he serves as the CEO. RockieFella’s primary focus is to create high-quality music with meaningful lyrical content that resonates with music lovers worldwide.

With over 10 years of professional music experience, RockieFella has already released two official studio albums. His debut single, produced by Gusboat, garnered attention, but it is his latest track “Make It” from the six-track album “Realities Sektion II,” produced by DMB, that truly showcases his exceptional talent. Notable producers he has collaborated with include DrummerBoy YKay, DMB, Champion Beat, and Rocket Beat.

RockieFella has already shared the stage with Kwesi Arthur, and he eagerly anticipates collaborating with other artists on upcoming projects. Beyond his visually striking tattooed appearance, RockieFella is an incredible musical talent with immense potential in the industry with a whole new pending ablibum titles ‘Hugh’s Dairy’.

To support RockieFella’s music career and stay updated on his latest endeavors, you can follow him and his record label MTUB on various social media platforms.



Facebook: Rockie Fela
IG: @rockiefellla
Twitter: @rockiefellla

Apple Music: RockieFella
Spotify: RockieFella
Boomplay: RockieFella
Audiomack: RockieFella

Management: 0202195301

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Meet Celebrity Stylist “Salunell” A Connoisseur Of Modern Fashion In Ghana

For the past few years, Ahmed Salu (CEO of SALUNELL) has grown to become a household name in Ghana”s shortlist of high profile fashion brands and has created a unique niche for himself.


An idea that was birthed after pursuing his degree has now become a Go-to brand for most celebrities in and around west Africa and has earned him nominations for enviable awards schemes across the country.


Salunell has styled and worked for a tall list of superstars including artistes, actors, media and industry icons and a lot of creative.


Notable amongs them are CEO EIB Networks – Bola Ray  and CEO of ABN Ghana Samuel Bronzy, afrobeat stars Kuami Euegene, Lasmid, Camidoh and Akwaboah , award winning rap stars Ameardo, Ypee, Yaw Tog, Kweku Flick , OSEIKROM Sikanii, King Paluta and host of other notable online journalists including Zionfelix, Kobby Kyei and more.


His brand has received accolades from Ghana”a most decorated superstar Sarkodie who has expressed interest in getting styled by Salu Oneal someday.

He became a pivotal fashion propeller for the biggest creative wave “kumerica and has since inspired a lot more youngsters into fashion and style coaching.


The young fashion entrepreneur aspires to put together mega shows in and outside Ghana to network with other fashion creatives to enable the industry through global connect.


Salunell is opened for business engagements through his socials
Ig : @salunell
Twitter :@salunell
Email :
Telephone :0246695283
Facebook :salunell


Check photos below:

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