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King Paluta Uplifts Souls Through New Song ‘All My Life’

Highly acclaimed Ghanaian rapper, King Paluta after blessing our listening buds with ‘Yahhite’ and its remix and re-remix. He gears into the realms of motivation to uplift the soul with yet another potential banger he dubbed ‘All My Life.’


Stream ‘All My Life’ by King Paluta here –

Produced by Joe Kole Beatz, this song it set to manifest positivity into the lives of all and sundry and lovers of good music


‘All My Life’ unfolds the perpetual creativity and artistry of King Paluta as he journeys us through a melodious rhythm of a masterpiece.


As listeners navigate the challenges of life’s path, the lyrics are intended to uplift and support them.


Enjoy the official video below


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King Paluta Drops Visuals To Trending Song “Sika Aba Fie”

Ghanaian artist, King Paluta after amassing huge numbers across all digital stores since the release of his smash hit ‘Sika Aba Fie’ has finally drop the official video to accompany the audio.


Stream ‘Sika Aba Fie’ Here:


King Paluta has proven time and again to be a versatile and skillful lyricist. In addition to showcasing his musical abilities that explores a universal issue of financial prosperity by diving into a tale that connects with a wide audience.


‘Sika Aba Fie’ is proof of his ability to combine a catchy melody with thought-provoking lyrics to create a song that not only grabs listeners’ attention but also provokes reflection on achieving financial independence.


His speech is noteworthy for its smooth command of the language, which is guaranteed to be understood by a wide range of listeners.


The song recognizes the effort and commitment needed to achieve financial objectives by paying no mind to negativity and backbiters but rather keeping focus in sight to achieve your financial freedom.


Enjoy great visuals as directed by Snipper Boy


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Kay 9ice Releases New Hit Song Dubbed “Olosho”

Ghanaian Afro Highlife Prince, Kay 9ice drops a party starter song dubbed
‘Olosho’ which is off Kay 9ice’s upcoming EP, “Never Meant To Be” which will be released soon.

In ‘Olosho’, Kay 9ice speaks about how his hustling and grinding fared this year.

Although things were not excellent for him, he does not give up, expressing the belief that things will be better next year so far as he keeps ‘grinding’.

Kay 9ice motivated those who want to give up on their dreams to continue chasing it with the faith that things will get better with time.

The Afro Highlife Prince has almost 10 tracks to his credits including ‘Balancé‘ , ‘Fakye’ with Adina_Thembi,
‘Photo’ , “Wo B3 Ti” and others.

He has worked with some of top Ghanaian artiste including Bisa K’dei, Sista Afia, Galaxy, Yaa Pono, Tsoobi Ryan Korsah, Tyrell (USA) etc.

Meanwhile, the Stunnas Multimedia Signee has encouraged all fans to stream ‘Olosho’ on all music platforms.

Stream from below

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Ed Cal Drops Classic Visual For His Single “Akyedie”

Ed Cal, the renowned UK-based Gospel singer, songwriter, and creative director, have released the official visuals for his hit single, “Akyedie (Gift)”. The soul-stirring track was initially dropped on March 29, 2023, and has since captivated listeners around the world.

The uplifting song has already garnered significant attention from listeners across the globe, motivating and inspiring them. Ed Cal, who co-directed the video, alongside his dedicated team, has put in immense effort to ensure that viewers, listeners, and patrons have an exceptional visual experience.

The video was released on Friday, November 24, 2023, available on his channel on YouTube. Fans and music enthusiasts can expect an immersive visual experience that perfectly complements the uplifting and motivating vibes of the song.

Ed Cal, known for his exceptional artistic vision, co-directed the video alongside his diligent team. Their hard work and dedication have resulted in a visually stunning masterpiece that showcases the core essence of “Akyedie”. Packed with clear and vibrant scenes, the video beautifully brings to life the underlying message and concept of the track.

For those eager to listen to “Akyedie” the single is already available on all major streaming platforms. So, gear up to enjoy the song while anticipating the highly awaited music video.

Stay updated with Ed Cal’s latest releases, projects, and updates by following him on various social media platforms. Look for Ed Cal or @edcalmusic to connect and engage.

As Ed Cal gears up to bless his audience with captivating visuals, “Akyedie” is not just a song; it’s a gift that uplifts spirits and inspires souls. Don’t miss out on this remarkable work of art.



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Strongman And King Paluta Break Ground with Chart-Topping Fusion Track ‘Chilling’

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Ghanaian artist Strongman teams up with the versatile King Paluta to release a highlife drill fusion titled “Chilling.” This fresh tune not only showcases Strongman’s impeccable rap lines but also introduces the audience to King Paluta’s refreshing vocals, who also takes on the role of the producer for this chart-worthy track.


Stream “Chilling” by Strongman featuring King Paluta-


“Chilling” is a musical masterpiece that seamlessly blends the vibrant energy of highlife and the gritty edge of drill, offering a unique auditory experience. Strongman, known for his lyrical prowess, delivers compelling rap lines that resonate with authenticity, while King Paluta’s catchy choruses add a melodic dimension to the track. The fusion of these two talented artists creates a dynamic synergy that sets “Chilling” apart in the Ghanaian music scene.


What makes “Chilling” even more remarkable is the dual role played by King Paluta. Not only does he showcase his vocal prowess with refreshing choruses, but he also takes on the responsibility of producing the track. This dual talent adds an extra layer of authenticity to the collaboration, highlighting the artistic depth and versatility of both Strongman and King Paluta.


Beyond its infectious beats and engaging melodies, “Chilling” carries a message that resonates with many. The track speaks to the theme of finding success despite being underrated. Strongman’s verses touch upon the struggles and triumphs he has faced in his journey, emphasizing the resilience required to overcome challenges and achieve greatness.


“Chilling” not only marks a collaboration between two Ghanaian talents but also represents an exploration of musical genres. The infusion of highlife and drill elements in the track demonstrates the artists’ willingness to experiment and push the boundaries of traditional soundscapes.


As “Chilling” has been released, fans and music enthusiasts are eagerly poised to vibe with the auditory delight promised by this collaboration. The track is expected to resonate with a diverse audience, drawing in fans of rap, highlife, and drill music alike.


Strongman and King Paluta have joined forces to deliver a track that not only entertains but also carries a powerful message of triumph over adversity. As “Chilling” hits the airwaves, it is poised to make waves and leave an indelible mark on the hearts of music lovers across the nation.

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Kwesi Pazzle Releases His Debut EP “First Aid Box”

Emerging Ghanaian dancehall musician Kwesi PaZzle  With ‘’Believe EP’’ Featuring Ayshi Medyson, IP Stormy, EbbyZee, Jay Vybe, Unlooking Gang, RapTins and Churches Bless.

The follow up to last year’s singles sees the Ghanaian Music star Kwesi Pazzle attempt to surpass his own high bar with Believe EP featuring Ayshi Medyson, IP Stormy, EbbyZee, Jay Vybe, Unlooking Gang, RapTins and Churches Bless.

After releasing Say I do, Kwesi Pazzle is finally out with a power-packed compilation in his first Studio installment.

The album expresses profound thoughts with heated and thought-provoking lyrics with narratable storylines, brilliant metaphors, entertaining antidotes and a deep well of conviction.

“FIRST AID BOX” EP launched under REAL TALENT MUSIC got released on Digital Stores on Friday, 17th November, 2023 with 8 songs listed for it.



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From Trotro Mate To Rising Star: Meet Joeynado

Joeynado, a former Trotro mate, has recently been making waves in the music industry with his hit song “Make Dem Tell U.”

In a recent interview on Hitz FM, Joey shared his inspiring journey from driving a public transport vehicle (Trotro) to becoming a rising star in the entertainment world.

Joeynado story is a testament to the power of passion and determination.

Having started his career as a Trotro mate,Joeynado always had a deep love for music.

Despite his demanding job, he spent his spare time writing lyrics and honoring his singing skills, dreaming of a breakthrough in the industry.

During his interview on Hitz FM, Joeynado opened up about the challenges he faced while working as a Trotro driver and pursuing his musical aspirations simultaneously.

He discussed the long hours, the struggles to balance his time, and the sacrifices he had to make. However, his drive and passion for music kept him going.

Reflecting on his newfound fame, Joeynado expressed his gratitude and excitement.

He spoke about how his life has transformed since the release of his hit song, from being a relatively unknown Trotro mate to being recognized by fans and industry professionals like Ayisha Modi popularly known as She Loves Stonebwoy and Richy Rymz (KOTY).

He is currently working with Blood Line Gang (BLG) and releases his songs under KOTY ACADEMY. He says it’s a One Big Family of Musicians.

The transition has been surreal for him, but he remains grounded and focused on his passion for music.

Joeynado is currently promoting his debut single, “Make Dem Tell U.” and He is about to release the Remix featuring Larruso .


Stream single from below



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Tik Tok Hitmaker Seven Kizs Takes Over, Tops Shazam Charts With New Single ‘Picture’

Young Ghanaian afrobeats and highlife singer,Eric Asante who is trading in music circles is Seven Kizs has has been the center of attention on TikTok and other social media platforms as his recently released single Picture seems to have connected with music lovers across the nation.


Seven Kizs joins renowned and established Ghanaian and African Hitmakers like Burna Boy,Kuami Eugene,Asake,Young Jonn yet still manages to beat these musical heavyweights with label and monetary support to become the second most Shazammed song on the Top 200 Ghana charts just after a day of release.


For the young singer Seven Kizs,his only chance to survive the music industry was his exceptional vocals, talent and a great strategy that ensure that his music transcends and touches the consumer.To his credit,his creative and strategic promotional ideas has helped him gain a massive following on music’s number 1 promo tool,TikTok.


The enviable success of Seven Kizs on the musical platform pathed for him a great and compelling brand that saw Grammy nominated singer Stonebwoy tip him as an “exceptional talent for the next generation “ in the comments of one of his videos.




Seven Kizs also known by childhood friends and family as Eric Asante was born and raised in Kumasi-Ashtown.His early introduction to Ghanaian highlife and hiplife in a community rich with fine music talents helped him take inspiration from acts like Okyeame Kwame,Flowking Stone,Kojo Antwi etc.


His eagerness to infuse Ghanaian highlife ans hiplife with the modern trends of music and take over the world saw him feature on a street talent haunt by renowned Kumasi based dancer Allo Maadjoa who has since helped him in his musical journeys with songs Mea and the current one picture,all which were produced by Tubhani Muzik.


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Strongman – Abuburo Kosua Ft. Broda Sammy (Official Video)

In a remarkable departure from his usual rap repertoire, the highly acclaimed Ghanaian rapper, Strongman, ventures into the world of gospel highlife with his latest single, ‘Abuburo Kosua,’ featuring the immensely talented Broda Sammy.


Stream ‘Abuburo Kosua’ by Strongman featuring Broda Sammy here –


Produced by the skillful Freddy Beatz, this track is set to captivate listeners with its soul-stirring fusion of traditional highlife melodies and spiritually enriching lyrics.


‘Abuburo Kosua’ stands as a beacon of hope and a testament to the artist’s versatility, as Strongman embarks on a spiritual journey through his artistry.


The song effortlessly combines vibrant rhythms and powerful vocals, transporting the audience to a place of spiritual reflection and renewed hope.


The lyrics are crafted to inspire and encourage individuals as they navigate the complexities of life’s journey.


The collaboration with Broda Sammy, a celebrated figure in the gospel music scene, further elevates ‘Abuburo Kosua.’


Broda Sammy’s distinctive vocals complement Strongman’s rap, seamlessly creating a dynamic blend of musical styles. Their combined artistry showcases unity and diversity, bringing a fresh and uplifting sound to the gospel genre.


The musical genius of Freddy Beatz, the producer behind ‘Abuburo Kosua,’ shines through in this track. Freddy’s expertise in merging traditional highlife elements with a contemporary twist results in a harmonious composition that is sure to resonate with a broad audience.


As the release day approaches, fans and music enthusiasts alike can anticipate an unforgettable musical experience with ‘Abuburo Kosua.’


Strongman’s foray into gospel highlife promises to touch hearts, uplift spirits, and leave a lasting impact on the music scene.


Be prepared to stream ‘Abuburo Kosua’ on its release day and let the melodious waves of gospel highlife guide you through life’s journey, filling your soul with hope and inspiration.


Stream this transcendent musical revelation by Strongman featuring Broda Sammy and let the vibrant rhythms lead you to a place of spiritual enlightenment.


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Chief One Ft. Black T iGWE – CatWalk

CatWalk –  A Musical Marvel by Chief One and Black T Igwe That’s Set to Redefine West African Soundscapes


In a harmonious union of talent and creativity, Ghanaian superstar Chief One and Togolese luminary Black T Igwe have embarked on a musical journey that is poised to redefine the very essence of West African music. Their latest collaboration, “CATWALK,” is a masterpiece that beckons listeners to immerse themselves in a world where love, rhythm, and culture converge.


Stream Audio:


“CATWALK” takes us on a lyrical odyssey, narrating the story of a mesmerizing lady who has captured the heart of a man willing to go to great lengths to win her affections. What elevates this track to the echelons of greatness is its genre-defying nature. Chief One’s visionary approach brings together the infectious cadences of Amapiano, the vibrant melodies of Afrobeats, and the evocative nuances of indigenous Ewe music.


This unique blend serves as a testament to the incredible diversity and depth of musical traditions within West Africa. Chief One’s ingenuity in fusing these elements transcends borders and exemplifies the universal language of music.


“CATWALK” is more than just a song; it is a cultural exchange. Chief One, representing Ghana, and Black T Igwe from Togo, have seamlessly woven their distinct musical styles into a tapestry that resonates with audiences far and wide. Their collaboration isn’t just a musical endeavor; it’s a celebration of the unity and shared heritage of West African Nations.


The good news is that “CATWALK” is now available for streaming and download, inviting you to embark on this musical voyage. It’s time to invite Chief One and Black T Igwe into your world and let their harmonious rhythms take you on a journey of sound and emotion.


Spread the word about this musical revelation. Share the magic of “CATWALK” with your friends, family, and followers. This isn’t just a song; it’s an experience that deserves a place on every playlist.


Make “CATWALK” your anthem for all occasions. Whether you’re dancing the night away or seeking solace in the melody, Chief One and Black T Igwe have delivered a soundtrack for life itself. Get ready to immerse yourself in the rhythm, and join the chorus of those celebrating this remarkable collaboration.


Join the movement, and let the world know that “CATWALK” is the embodiment of musical excellence. Turn up the volume, feel the beat, and be a part of this historic moment where Ghana and Togo shine brightly together on the global stage.


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Christiana Hati Shares “Testimony” Official Visuals

Coming out as the latest Ghanaian Gospel Singer who launched her music career this September, Christiana Hati is putting the right PR in place to push her brand forth with her song ministry.

She drops official video for her debut single ‘Testimony’ released about a fortnight ago. The video was shot on location in Accra by Scoby Philms.

‘Testimony’ official video purposefully a lot of spotlight on Christiana Hati as she is seen in most of the picturesque melodiously singing her praise unto The Lord.

Christiana Hati also did a big launch of her TV Show called “Hati Testimonies TV” in lieu with her music career launch, laced with her birthday, celebrated on September 13th.

Stream “Testimony” on Digital Platforms Here:



About Christiana Hati

Christiana Hati is a Ghanaian Gospel Singer who hails from Kowei, in the Sissala East District of the Upper West Region. A devout Christian she is, she got into ministry and has lately stepped it up to use her voice as a powerful tool to win souls for Christ through The Word of God.

Born as Christiana Hatibie Bentie, as her real name, she comes from a Family of 6 siblings; of which she is the 3rd born. Christiana officially embarks on her singing career in 2023 with her debut single “Testimony” produced by renowned multiple-award winning Ghanaian Music Producer, Kaywa. This single would introduce her into the limelight and open more doors for her to spread her message widely across — within Ghana and beyond — as a Gospel Singer.

“My mission for going into music is to lead believers to worship in spirit and in truth, to praise The Lord for who He is, while encouraging people especially the youth towards righteousness and self-worth” — Christiana Hati explains, her journey into music.

In 2021, Christiana Hati powered an initiative to support widows in the Northern part of Ghana through a widows’ support project. The widows’ project is called “Help A Needy Widow”.

She also has a Gospel Ministration TV Show called “Hati Testimonies TV” – it is a call to help individuals share with the world the power of God to do great and marvelous things. Hati Testimonies TV, is an online Programme on YouTube that would later be on traditional television.

She studied with the Chartered Institute of Marketing UK, later switched to complete a first degree in Marketing and then continued with an MPhil in Global Leadership at the University of Professional studies Legon. Christiana Hati is a businesswoman who is into Construction and Supplies.

You can follow her on social media via these connects:

Facebook — @ChristianaHati

Instagram — @ChristianaHati

X — @ChristianaHati

TikTok — @ChristianaHati

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