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Phrimpong – Adam (Acoustic Version) (Official Video)

Highly rated Ghanaian musician and songwriter, Phrimpong takes listeners on a soulful journey with Adam.

Riding atop a piano-saxophonic jazz, Phrimpong takes a break from his staunch rapper persona to exhibit his audible vocal abilities with compelling lyricism that penetrate souls.

Adam is a sermon of reality, contentment, love and above all, a soul-searching composition with a deep perspective in the chronicles of life and death. While he affirms nothing last forever with a Biblical quotations, he didn’t lose sight of self happiness and love to spice up days of the living.

Interestingly Phrimpong changes the narrative of song releases by sharing the acoustic version prior to the original record.

Adam was produced by Emrys Beatz and mixed by Khendi, with music video credits to Cute Vizuals.

Stream and watch below:





DJ Azonto Drops Brand New Jam “Bone Standing”

Ghanaian popular disc jockey and musician DJ Azonto released another mind-blowing masterpiece after dropping back to back hit songs.


The “Da No From” hitmaker this dropped this brand new hit dubbed “Bone Standing” and it’s on all platforms.


“Bone Standing” was produced by abochi




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OT n Aiges Kick Start Wavez With Episode One

The dynamic duo OT n Aiges is about to revolutionize the rap scene with their highly anticipated new project, “Wavez.” With a fusion of innovative storytelling, impeccable lyricism, and captivating visuals, OT n Aiges’ rap series is set to make waves across the industry. Episode One, titled “Wavez,” is now available for fans to experience a groundbreaking journey like never before.

“Wavez” is a masterful creation that combines the best elements of rap music and immersive storytelling. OT n Aiges has taken their craft to a whole new level, delivering an audio-visual experience that will leave audiences in awe. In this thrilling series, they invite listeners to dive headfirst into a world of rhythm and rhyme, where each episode reveals a new chapter in their musical adventure.

Drawing inspiration from their own personal experiences and the struggles they have faced, OT n Aiges’ “Wavez” offers a unique perspective on life, love, and the pursuit of dreams. The duo’s signature style shines through as they skillfully craft thought-provoking lyrics, infectious beats, and mesmerizing melodies that resonate with listeners on a deep level.

Episode One of “Wavez” sets the tone for the entire series, immersing audiences in a sonic universe filled with raw emotion, captivating narratives, and breathtaking visuals. The episode seamlessly blends hard-hitting rap verses with melodic hooks, showcasing OT n Aiges’ versatility and artistry. With each line and every beat, they invite fans to embark on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and triumph.

The rap duo has spared no effort in creating a visual masterpiece to accompany the music. The visuals for “Wavez” transport viewers into a visually stunning world, expertly crafted to complement the narrative and enhance the overall experience. From striking landscapes to powerful performances, OT n Aiges’ attention to detail is evident in every frame.

“Wavez” marks a significant milestone in the careers of OT n Aiges. With their innovative approach to storytelling and their undeniable talent, the duo is set to leave an indelible mark on the rap genre. Episode One is just the beginning of a captivating series that will undoubtedly captivate fans around the globe.

OT n Aiges’ “Wavez” Episode One is now available for streaming on all major platforms. Fans can expect subsequent episodes to be released on a regular schedule, each one building upon the previous, taking listeners on an extraordinary sonic journey.

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King Paluta Teams Up With Kuami Eugene And Andy Dosty For ‘Yahitte Remix’

Following a teaser that sparked a glaring anticipation, renowned musician King Paluta has shared another remake of ‘Yahitte Remix’ which he employs colleague musician Kuami Eugene and ace radio presenter Andy Dosty.


Listen Here:


Fans and music enthusiasts are eager to hear another ground-breaking masterpiece after the song’s original version and remix, which featured Strongman, Amerado, and Qwame Stika on audiomack, topped the charts and amassed remarkable organic streams with over 2 million listens.


With a well laced verse from both artiste on the song, ‘Yahitte Remix’ will continue to have the green light into the hearts of many music lovers.


By consistently offering appropriate and well-served lyrics, King Paluta solidifies his reputation as one of African best lyricist. While Andy Dosty performs his infallible opener, Kuami Eugene spices the music singing some enticing lyrics in a smooth and silky tones.

The self-produced “Yahitte remix” loses none of it popular catchy chorus. Khendi Beatz takes the credit for balancing and giving the song a perfect blend of sounds and tones.

The wait is finally over, enjoy the song as it’s well cooked and ready to be served.


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Rocky Dawuni, Kyekyeku Release New Song “Africa Till I Die”

Friendship between musicians often materializes in collaborations. This is clearly evident on one of the most beautiful pairings from Ghana in the last year, “Africa Till I Die” which grew out of the friendship between multiple GRAMMY nominee Rocky Dawuni and Ghanaian musician Kyekyeku. The brand new video for the track premieres today on Pan African Music.

According to Kyekyeku; ‘’I first heard Rocky in 1997 when his monster hit “In Ghana” was on constant rotation on the radio. It wasn’t until 2007 at the Labadi Beach Hotel on the occasion of the 40th Independence Celebration of Ghana where Rocky held his annual “Rocky Dawuni’s Independence Splash” concert that the two met for the first time.” Moving forward to 2022, at a concert at +233 Jazz Club, Kyekyeku invited Rocky on stage for an impromptu jam on one of his songs. After the concert, it was clear that they had finally found a groove and inspiration for a song to work together on.

After the chaos of the last few years, it became even more evident that a good place to visit and spend time was within Africa. The video was filmed in France and Ghana focusing on the dreams of Kyekyeku in conversation with Rocky on an old phone toy that you still see children playing with in the streets of Accra. It is evident that in those cold empty French streets Kyekyeku dreams to go over the Atlantic and join Rocky in Ghana as he performs with his band and enjoys the sunny weather, bustle and energy of Accra. The music video for “Africa Till I Die” was shot by Slingshot who has worked with Rocky on a number of videos including his most recent GRAMMY Nominated song “Neva Bow Down.” Slingshot states “this video seeks to depict Africa and its beautiful people in its own light, its own words and its very own story and not one portrayed by the skewed perception of the mainstream media of the west.”

Kyekyeku like Rocky who both call Ghana and “the west” their homes could tell first-hand the joys of living in Africa; the immense beauty, the energy and resilience of her people, success and positivity that abounds. “We need to talk about that side of Africa a lot more, sing more, paint more.” Kyekyeku states. This then became the theme of “Africa Till I Die” a song that takes one into a deep and profound ballad Highlife groove. In the song, Africa stands unperturbed by the frequent negative images.

“Even when they paint you a picture

of starving and hunger

Nobody go fit put asunder

We keep on growing stronger.”

Plus the line “no where cool’’ which refers to the wars in Europe, Middle East as well as the general dissatisfaction with daily living in many nations. As a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for the Environment for Africa, Rocky Dawuni has traveled to many nations and attests first hand from his encounters that indeed all life begins in Africa. ‘“People wey I dey meet, places wey I dey go, na ibi you be the mother, Mama Africa” which he sings in Pidgin English on the track.

African music has finally taken its place as a force; gaining the deserved recognition it commands. Rocky’s line ‘’Now my people dey stand like giant’’ speaks concisely of the achievements of many Africans across the globe.

Africa Till I Die is a musical success. It blends the native sound of Ghana, itself the product of a melting pot, with reggae born in Jamaica and claiming its African roots. The highlife rhythm has been slowed down and, by letting the bass flourish, the organ and the horns place their punctuations, offers a perfect backdrop for the reggae vocals, without even a skank guitar. This is the finest demonstration of a successful encounter, and it could only take place in Africa.” – PanAfrican Music


Purchase link:

Video Link:

For more information on Rocky Dawuni & contact:

For more information about Kyekyeku:

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Strongman And Akwaboah Join Forces On Romantic New Single “Odo Nkoaa”

Ghanaian rapper Strongman has just released a new single, “Odo Nkoaa” featuring Akwaboah, under the production of Freddy Beatz and the mixing and mastering of Mix Master Garzy.

Stream Odo Nkoaa by Strongman feat Akwaboah here –

The song, which is translated to “Only Love” in English, is a must-listen for fans of African music, particularly those who love to hear rap verses mixed with smooth trap-Highlife.

With a solid beat that will have you nodding your head and tapping your feet, “Odo Nkoaa” is a song about the power of love. Strongman uses his lyricism to explore the different aspects of love, from the overwhelming feeling of falling in love to the pain of losing someone you care about.

Throughout the song, the rapper delivers his verses with precision and emotion, showing that he is one of the most talented rappers on the continent.

Produced by Freddy Beatz, the beat is catchy and upbeat, with a smooth melody and catchy hook delivered by Akwaboah that will stay in your head long after the song is over.

Meanwhile, the mixing and mastering of Mix Master Garzy give the song a polished finish that highlights the nuances of both the rap and the Afrobeats elements.

“Odo Nkoaa” is not just a song for Ghanaian audiences; it has the potential to resonate with listeners all over the world. Strongman’s lyrics about the power of love are universal, and the upbeat, catchy sound of the song is sure to appeal to a wide range of music lovers.

Moreover, the song is a testament to the incredible talent of Ghana’s music scene, particularly in the realm of rap and Afrobeats.


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Prophet Healer Finally Releases Visual For “Yesu Din”

Ghana’s urban gospel king, Prophet Healer, has finally released the official music video of his new trendy song “Yesu Din” off the Resurrection Album.


The Resurrection Album contained Nine(9) solid mind-blowing songs and it’s doing well on all music platforms.


The “Yesu Din” video has beautiful scenes you will love to watch over and over again.


Enjoy the video below

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Bisa Kdei Drops Video For His “Complete Man” Featuring Camidoh

Legendary Highlife musician Bisa Kdei has dropped a passionate video for his “Complete Man” hit song, which features rising music prodigy, Camidoh.

The “Complete Man” song, which is from the “Original” album, has emerged as one of the favourite songs for music fans due to its soothing lyrics.

Bisa Kdei on this jam combines with Camidoh in a series of soothing duets that spark love and emotional vibes in a well-curated Highlife rhythm.

The “Complete Man” music video captures some beautiful imagery of Bisa Kdei on a love journey in the forest with a female character.

The vibes in the music video is startling, coupled with the scenes of waterfalls and mountains, as well as the countryside vibe.

Camidoh makes a cameo in the music video with some astounding vocals in the well-synchronised music video directed by Yaw Skyface.

The song, produced by Apya, samples the sound of the 90’s highlife vibe with some modern instruments infused to create a beautiful rhythm.


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Ghanaian Rapper Strongman Drops Emotionally Charged Single ‘Dirge’

Eclectic and sharp-mouthed Ghanaian rapper, Strongman has just released a new single titled ‘Dirge’, and it’s already generating buzz in the hip-hop scene.

Produced by renowned beatmaker Tubhani Muzik, ‘Dirge’ is a hard-hitting track that showcases Strongman’s lyrical prowess and the producer’s exceptional production skills.

The song opens with a haunting piano melody that sets the tone for the track’s somber theme. Strongman raps about the fact that he still remains an undisputed name in the rap game. His lyrics are poignant and heartfelt, and they’re delivered with a raw intensity that’s impossible to ignore.

Tubhani Muzik’s production on ‘Dirge’ is equally impressive. The beat is sparse, with a slow, steady drum pattern that allows
Strongman’s vocals to take center stage. The subtle use of strings and horns adds to the song’s mournful atmosphere, creating a mood that’s both introspective and powerful.

Overall, ‘Dirge’ is a standout track that showcases Strongman’s skills as a rapper and Tubhani Muzik’s talents as a producer. It’s a must-listen for fans of Ghanaian hip-hop and anyone who appreciates quality music.

With this release, Strongman has cemented his place as one of the country’s top rappers, and he shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Stream Dirge across all music platforms now and follow Strongman across his socials!




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Gabiro Mtu Necessary And Javada Join Efforts in New Record “Kus Kus” Remix

Having had the Grammys Recording Academy’s attention twice with his two bodies of work MPITO EP and SAINT JOHN album, Kisumu-based rapper and singer Gabiro Mtu Necessary is not only grabbing his space on the world stage but also cementing his name on it.

Being a Kisumu city native, a city that is home to very many big names in the entertainment scene of Kenya, Gabiro boasts a high following in the region particularly because he runs all his business from there.

His debut album was released a year ago and has since sold over 100,000 physical copies and over 1 million streams across all digital platforms.

“I almost gave up doing music in 2021 after I released my extended playlist, MPITO, then later on it got a Grammy consideration and recognition. That pushed me to realize that it doesn’t matter how many views or streams your music gets, what matters is that if you are doing the right thing then someone somewhere is most definitely seeing you,” says Gabiro.

He continues to talk about meeting Javada and working on a couple of songs together including Kus Kus Remix;

“I first met Javada in 2018 and we kept the artistic friendship going until 2021 when we decided to hit the studio and we worked on this song together because he loved the chorus and the beat.”

Javada is a Jamaican singer known for his 2015 hit single “Wake Up Beside You” and “Oh Na Na” featuring Chris Martin.

Kus Kus was written by Gabiro and Javada and produced by Brian Robin for Jodifa Studios.



Starting as a traditional band member in 2013, Gabiro Mtu Necessary drew his earliest inspirations from Octopizzo, Lucky Dube, Khuli Chana, Juliani, and a host of others.

He is steadily building a reputation as Kisumu’s best lyricist but also shares his struggles through his art. From working as a matatu tout to battling drug abuse, Gabiro’s ability to tell stories separates him from rap music’s status quo.

“Music inspired me to persevere. Persevere and self-educate myself. When I was going through it, the thing that held me down was an old computer at my uncle’s place where I stored thousands of downloaded beats. That’s why I’m so loyal to the cause and loyal to the culture. I feel like I owe it to music to do the best I can” – Gabiro

While many rappers tell us their stories, Gabiro can bring you into his world and show it to you. Perhaps his most notable song, “Story”, is a story of stories that happen in real life but are often ignored. Dramatically, this song discusses bullying, police shootings, drug abuse, and political injustice. Few artists connect with such issues through their music.

Gabiro’s diversity has seen him transition from not only being a rapper but also being the best lyricist as is on his current releases ‘Bad Girl Loving’ and ‘Kus Kus’. He portrays himself as the best export from the lakeside town of Kenya; Kisumu city where he has always made sure to be top of the class by being ahead of at least all trends and lifestyles in music.

To date, Gabiro has performed and toured with several renowned artists including Octopizzo, and SautiSol during “Made In Kisumu”, Jose Chameleone, and Macklemore, as well as shows like “2jinyce Concert” which holds sentimental value to Gabiro being that he is a Kisumu City native.

His show that meant a lot was when he opened for Diamond Platnumz in 2016.

He has worked with both young and well-known artists across the globe in both musical and nonmusical collaborations including and not limited to Kidis, Wyre, Ketchup, Owuor Arunga, and most recently Gengetone artist OnlyOneDelo on the song Twak Makende.

In 2021, Mtu Necessary got recognized by the Recording Academy and had his project JENESIS considered for the 64th Grammy Awards as the Best Global Music Album.

Again in 2022, he was among the African creatives who were appointed as voting members of the Grammy’s Recording Academy making him the only Kenyan in that 2022/2023 class.

Also in the same year, he released his debut album, “Saint John” a 12-track album with features from Jamaica’s Javada and Grammy-recognized producer Blakangel.


Early Life & Education

Gabiro was born Gabriel Washington Ogonda in Kisumu, Kenya where his father was a professor at Maseno University and his mother a tailor at the local market. He is the 4th child in a family of 5 children.

He moved from one high school to another before settling in Chulaimbo High School. Soon after moving to Chulaimbo, Gabiro was appointed the school choir soloist where he began to write and perform his lyrics during music festivals.

His stage name is derived from Gabriel, shortened to Gabiro when younger schoolmates found it hard to pronounce his name.

By the age of 17, he was regularly recording his music at Starbell Records. The management of the studio was so impressed by his lyrics that they allowed Gabiro to record for free.

At this time he was a student at Maseno University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in finance and marketing. He later dropped out of campus in his third year to pursue two other degrees in BSc computer science and BSc Anaesthesia.


Personal Life

Gabiro lost his father on September 9, 2019, to cancer of the colon. He has since dedicated his music and art to his father who greatly impacted his music career as his second manager after he parted ways with Starbell Records.

He continues his legacy by crediting him as the executive producer of his projects and even released his debut “Saint John” to pay homage to his late father.


Social Media




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Ghanaian Music Listeners Need To Expand Their Horizons – KFT

Ghanaian music has long been a source of pride and joy for many Ghanaians.

However, in recent years, there has been a growing trend of Ghanaian music listeners being too narrow-minded when it comes to embracing music from the diaspora.

Canadian-based Ghanaian musician KFT is calling out this narrow-mindedness and urging Ghanaian music listeners to expand their horizons and embrace musicians in the diaspora.

KFT, who released his “Heart Break Story” EP two years ago and recently signed with New Revolution Records, is currently in Ghana promoting his new song, “Odo Nwom” which translates to English as “Love Song”€.

As part of his media tour, KFT is using this opportunity to speak out about the need for Ghanaian music listeners to open their minds to different genres and embrace music from the diaspora.

In an interview with Doreen Avio on Hitz FM, KFT believes that Ghanaian music listeners need to be more open-minded and willing to explore music from different cultures and backgrounds. He believes that this will help to create a more diverse and vibrant music scene in Ghana and expand our music territory.

KFT argues that, this will help to create a more inclusive and welcoming environment for musicians from the diaspora.

His latest release, Odo Nwom has been widely praised by music lovers as being a very authentic yet dynamic sound.

Stream the song from below.


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