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Cultural Crossing: Sarah Güsten-Marr Records “Letter 2 Mandela” To Support Imbumba Foundation’s “Caring4Girls” Charity Initiative

Sarah Güsten-Marr — International Philanthropist, of Liberia and German descent, has supported Imbumba Foundation’s project “Caring 4 Girls” with a charity song titled “Letter 2 Mandela”.


She collaborates with South African artistes, Clément and PD Jokes on the charity song as part of efforts to raise funds and support for underprivileged girls in South Africa, more importantly, to raise awareness for Sanitary Health for underprivileged girls to get support with sanitary pads.

Imbumba Foundation, a South African NGO, founded by Richard Mabaso in 2012 has been supporting young girls in deprived communities in South Africa by providing them with free sanitary pads and helping them through school.

Sarah Güsten-Marr, a well-traveled Artist who doubles as a Musician too has decided to support this year’s celebration with a song she titles “Letter 2 Mandela”, a song she freely decided to record for Imbumba to raise funds to support “Caring 4 Girls” initiative — all funds accrued from the song and video revenue will be solely directed to support the girls (and women) in order to get more sanitary products and improve menstrual health.


The issue of Sanitary Pads and Menstrual Health has been a major problem across the African continent where many young girls who have reached their puberty stages are stigmatized for menstruating; many diverse stories have been recorded where these young girls are deprived school and even certain privileges during their menstrual periods. For this reason, “Caring 4 Girls” project was set up by Imbumba Foundation to annul the stigma and as well create more awareness about how important it is to cater for these girls at their puberty stages. The initiative also seeks to engage (more) men on the need to support women especially girls with sanitary products.

Sarah Güsten-Marr, who has singularly powered her own initiative called “Cultural Crossings”, over a decade, has been able to create a global incubator for creatives across the globe, especially with focus on uniting diverse creatives from the African continent through Arts, Painting, Poetry, Spoken Word and Music — she has influenced many Spoken Word projects in Africa and outside Africa.

Coming from a humanitarian background, she has helped catered for countless philanthropic jobs on the continent while honing her career as an artist and musician. She lived in England for years until recently moved to Portugal where she resides; she shuffles between Europe and Africa often to work and support many Cultural Crossings projects, as well as other humanitarian projects, (eg) “Caring 4 Girls” initiative by Imbumba.

Sarah on the night of July 6th, 2023 joined forces with Richard Mabaso (Imbumba Foundation CEO) as well as Clément and PD Jokes to officially launch “Letter 2 Mandela” in the heart of Johannesburg, right in the Former South African President’s House (Sanctuary Mandela). The soirée pulled together different stakeholders from Ghana, Italy, UK, Zimbabwe, Portugal, Cape Verde, Ivory Coast, South Africa, just to name a few — numbering over 20 countries converging at Sanctuary Mandela for the official launch of the song and video.

“The song was titled ‘Letter 2 Mandela’ because my parents who’re European were deeply rooted in Africa and they taught me so much about President Nelson Mandela and his legacy exudes so much goodwill and positivity that it has influenced me. I found it appropriate to use him as the focal point for the charity song because President Mandela really cared for his people, and with this initiative ‘Caring 4 Girls’ it was appropriate to highlight him at the centre of the song”, Sarah Güsten-Marr explained.

Stream “Letter 2 Mandela” on Digital Stores here:


Watch Official Video for “Letter 2 Mandela” on YouTube:

“The song project was my gift for the girls so the foundation can earn money for the the girls. This music project was something I willingly did for the foundation, a different way of raising funds for the girls. People all over the world are dealing with different issues and many people are struggling; the best we can do is to support in any way we can. ‘Letter 2 Mandela’ is my gift to them,” Sarah Güsten-Marr added.

There were different testimonies from stakeholders of the initiative from different countries. Some of the girls who benefited from “Caring 4 Girls” Project were present and gave testimonies too about how the support from Imbumba Foundation has helped improve their lives, education and work life.

The initiative “Caring 4 Girls” by Imbumba Foundation, has benefited over 2 million girls since its inception. Along with this initiative, the Founder, Richard Mabaso, has had a connect with Mandela Foundation to amplify the initiative.

Follow Sarah Güsten-Marr via her social media connects below:

Facebook: Sarah Güsten-Marr

Instagram: @SarahGustenMarr

Twitter: @GMGustenMarr



(Story: Elorm Beenie)

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Swagz.i Releases Captivating New Single “Mistake” Featuring Elhi

Rotimi Mustapha, professionally known as “Swagzi,” is a talented Nigerian singer and songwriter hailing from the vibrant city of Lagos. Since the age of 13, Swagzi has been driven by a profound passion for music and a desire to leave his mark on the industry.

Drawing inspiration from Nigerian music legends like 2face, Sound Sultan, and Psquare, Swagzi has crafted a unique musical style that blends contemporary and classic Nigerian sounds. With three compelling studio projects under his belt, Swagzi has already established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the music scene.

Through his soul-stirring melodies and poignant lyrics, Swagzi captivates audiences and connects with fans on a profound level. His genre, ‘Afro360,’ combines the art of lyrical storytelling with live instruments, taking listeners on a sonic odyssey.

A luminary of style and creativity, Swagzi’s fusion of fashion and music has positioned him as a shining star in the dynamic realm of Afrobeats. With boundless creativity and an undeniable allure, Swagzi is set to make waves and continue his musical journey to new heights.

Listen to “Mistake” Here


Sample Link

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Healer Drops Brand New Single “M3jadapa”(Mad For Jesus)

Prophet Kingsley Nyarko popularly known as Healee , the multi-talented gospel singer and a sound engineer, has released a brand new single titled “M3jadapa”, which means”, showcasing his versatility and skill as a producer, mixer, and mastering engineer.

“M3jadapa” is an ewe word which means “Mad For Jesus”. Healer delves into the theme of how great and powerful God is. The song’s message is a powerful reminder that even in the midst of joy, we often carry a heavy burden.


Musically, “M3jadapa” is a masterclass in atmospheric production and sharp delivery combining to create a haunting and immersive listening experience. The song’s introspective tone and emotional honesty make it a standout in Healers discography, and a must-listen for fans of conscious and thought-provoking music.

With “M3jadapa”, Healer continues to push the boundaries of his artistry, exploring new themes and sounds while remaining true to his unique vision. This latest release is a testament to his talent and dedication, and we can’t wait to see what he has in store for us next. Give “M3jadapa” a listen and experience the emotional depth and sonic innovation that Healer has to offer.


Listen below



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Celebrating Unity In Diversity Through Art And Culture

Uniting Nigeria through Art and Culture – The Unity in Diversity Project

Lagos, Nigeria – (16TH OF JULY 2024) The Unity in Diversity Project is set to bring Nigerians together through a monumental celebration of our rich cultural heritage. This initiative, which includes the documentary “Road to Record,” aims to preserve and showcase the diverse cultures of Nigeria through the creation of the “World’s Largest Drawing by an Individual” and the celebration of our tribes with the hashtags “#RepYourTribe #RYT.”

The project seeks to remind Nigerians of our cultural heritage and the beauty in our unity despite our diverse ways of life. The world record project will serve as a reflection of cultural identities and a medium for building understanding and unity among Nigeria’s diverse tribes, thereby promoting peaceful coexistence.

From July 16 to July 21, the record-breaking attempt will feature cultural presentations at the stadium with the National Troupe of Nigeria showcasing dances and music from different parts of the country. The official dress code for the event is “cultural,” allowing participants to celebrate Nigerian culture through their attire. For those who cannot attend, the online version of #repyourtribe will enable them to participate by posting about their culture.
Dr. Foladavid, a celebrated visual artist and medical doctor, will lead this initiative.

Known for his speed painting performances and humanitarian efforts, Dr. Foladavid’s unique talents and dedication to the arts have earned him national and international recognition.


The project is sponsored by Tolaram, a global conglomerate known for its innovation and commitment to progress. Tolaram has made significant contributions to Nigeria’s FMCG landscape and is deeply committed to societal upliftment through its Ishk Tolaram Foundation.

For more information, please contact: (09124097269)

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Malcolm Nuna Teases Forthcoming EP, Promises New Music In Under a Month

Ghanaian music star Malcolm Nuna has fueled speculation about his upcoming EP with a tantalizing hint on Facebook. Ben Blay News sparked the buzz, posting, “A little bird just whispered to me… the wait is gradually coming to an end! It’s an EP, right? Malu… how soon should we be ready to spread our wings?”


Malcolm Nuna responded with a promising update, “In Less than 4 weeks, there will be a new NuNu.” This concise message has generated significant excitement among fans, who have been eagerly awaiting new music from the talented artist.


With his distinctive sound and style, Malcolm Nuna has built a devoted fan base. His forthcoming EP is highly anticipated, and fans are eagerly counting down the days until its release.


Stay tuned for further updates on Malcolm Nuna’s EP, and get ready to enjoy new music from this talented artist in under a month!


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Blogger Obinkran Jr Donates To Teshie Orphanage Home On His Birthday

Young, Hardworking blogger Charles Aidoo popularly known in the shows space as Obinkran Jr of Ghkwaku,com decided to spend his birthday with the Children at the Teshie Orphanage Home in Accra.


The event saw him donate some items to the Children to aid their day-to-day activities.


Charles Aidoo, Aka Obinkran Jr who doubles as celebrated blogger Ghkwaku was accompanied by legendary footballer Emmanuel Agyemang Badu as well as renowned broadcaster Serwaa Amihere.


Obinkran donated some products from Flora Tissues, Top Choco as well as Verna mineral water and bigoo cola etc. Thanks to Delta Paper Mill company limited as well as Twellium company limited respectively. He as well added some cash token to support them.


check out some Photos from the event below…

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Danny Lampo Performs New Song “Go Away” At Ghana Party In The Park UK

The vibrant Berkshire King of Afrobeat, Danny Lampo, has delighted fans once again with the release of his new single, “Go Away.” This latest track comes on the heels of his successful release, “Where The Money Dey,” which featured renowned Ghanaian rapper Medikal. Danny Lampo unveiled “Go Away” during his electrifying performance at the Ghana Party in the Park UK yesterday, adding another hit to his impressive discography.
Ghana Party in the Park UK is an annual celebration that brings together the Ghanaian community in the UK for a day filled with music, food, and cultural festivities. This year’s event was no exception, with a lineup of talented artists and performers who kept the crowd entertained throughout the day. Among them, Danny Lampo stood out with his high-energy performance and the debut of his new song.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Promoter Koolic (@promoter_koolic)


“Go Away” showcases Danny Lampo’s signature Afrobeat sound, characterized by infectious rhythms and catchy melodies. The song’s upbeat tempo and vibrant production are sure to make it a favorite on dance floors and playlists around the world. Danny’s lyrics, combined with his charismatic delivery, convey a message that resonates with listeners, adding depth to the track’s appeal.


Danny Lampo has steadily made a name for himself as one of the most trending artists in the UK. His unique blend of Afrobeat, combined with his ability to connect with audiences through his music, has earned him a loyal fanbase. “Where The Money Dey,” featuring Medikal, further cemented his status as a rising star in the Afrobeat genre, receiving widespread acclaim and airplay.
With the release of “Go Away,” Danny Lampo continues to build on his success and expand his musical horizons. His journey as an artist is marked by a commitment to creating music that not only entertains but also inspires and uplifts. Fans can look forward to more exciting releases and performances from Danny as he continues to make waves in the music industry.
Danny Lampo’s launch of “Go Away” at the Ghana Party in the Park UK is a testament to his growing influence and talent as an Afrobeat artist. As he continues to captivate audiences with his music, there’s no doubt that Danny Lampo is on his way to becoming a household name in the world of Afrobeat.
Story: Promoter Koolic
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King Paluta Gives An Electrifying Performance At The 2024 Park In The Park UK

Reigning New Artiste of the Year King Paluta, has made another mark with an electrifying performance at the just ended 19th edition of the biggest annual outdoor festival which happened yesterday, 13th July, 2024 at Oak Hill Park in London for the Ghanaian Community in the diaspora by Akwaaba UK.


Ghana Party in The Park UK witnessed unforgettable experience for all attendees, showcasing the best of Ghanaian music, food, and cultural displays.


The ‘Makoma’ hit maker swept attendees of their feet with back-to-back bangers and turned the whole atmosphere in to a party mood.



With his addictive musical style, the music superstar appears unstoppable, having achieved great success and ready to achieve even more.



King Paluta continues to demonstrate his versatility with some savage vocals, which has propelled him to prominence and could potentially be nominated for Artiste of the Year next year.


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Prinz Xtra Announces First EP, Titled “Heart’s Riddim”, Drops On Friday, July 19th

Prinz Xtra has just announced the release of his debut EP, due for Friday, July 19, 2024.

Few days ago, the Skolars Entertainment signed act introduced himself on the scene with new promo photos.

The Afrobeats crooner shares 2 pre-order links with his audiences ahead of the major release.  The pre-save links are for Apple Music and Spotify, below:

Apple Music:


“Heart’s Riddim” enlists 6 songs for it, mainly Afrobeats. All produced by Philsbitz. All songs were done by him, with zero features.

Skolars Entertainment is an Accra-based music record label with its signee, Prinz Xtra, as the frontliner. Poised to reach higher heights, the label is very optimistic about pushing the young talent’s crafts to global heights. Already, some singles were released under the label for Prinz Xtra, namely, “Alele”, “Buried Inside”, “Mon Bebe” and “Money Icon”.


About Prinz Xtra:

Prinz Xtra was born on April 9th as Prince Teye Matey, in Odumase Krobo, Eastern Region of Ghana.


In 2019, Prinz Xtra discovered his artistic potential while in high school. Driven by passion, he organized rap battles on campus and performance to showcase himself and others to the audience. In 2021, he had the opportunity to perform on one of the biggest stages in the Eastern Region during the “Eastern Arts and Music Awards” where he performed alongside other artistes.

Kindly follow him on Social Media below:

Facebook – Prinz Xtra

Tiktok, Instagram – @Prinz_Xtra

X – @Prinz_Xtra1

For bookings and press: +233532712998

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DJ Lord OTB, King Promise And Camidoh To Perform At 2024 Legends And Legacy Ball In South Africa

South Africa and Ghana have strengthened their bilateral relationship over the past few years. Not long ago, South Africa exempted Ghana from its visa waiver program. In another example of Ghana and South Africa’s growing connection, several Ghanaian entertainers have been booked to perform at the ‘Celebrating A Musical Legend – 2024 Legends and Legacy Ball Africa Music Awards’.


Headlined by the revered Yvonne Chaka Chaka, this extraordinary musical event and awards ceremony will celebrate South Africa’s 30th anniversary as a Republic. Representing Ghana at the show will be King Promise, DJ Lord OTB, Camidoh, and the Characters Band.


The event is set to take place on the 13th of July 2024 at the Sandton Convention Centre in South Africa. The red carpet starts at 4 pm, with the main event kicking off at 6 pm.


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Lil Win’s A Country Called Ghana Nominated For “Black Star Movie Of The Year”, At This Years Black Star International Film Festival In Ghana

Weezy Empires Production has achieved a groundbreaking milestone, “A Country Called Ghana“, which has gained international appeal, and has been officially nominated for “BLACK STAR MOVIE OF THE YEAR” at this year’s Blackstar International Film In Ghana.


The movie which was directed by Frank Fiifi Gharbin and executively directed by Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin, is a Ghana-Nigeria collaboration, that sees some of the finest actors and actresses from the two countries to entertain and educate movie lovers about the need to preserve their heritage.


The movie project features Ramsey Nouah, Charles Awurum, and Victor Osuagwu, popularly known as Awilo Sharp Sharp’, Paa George, and Sweet Mimi, among others.


‘A Country Called Ghana’ which has attained recognition globally, securing a cinema distribution deal, and will be screened in theaters worldwide, grabbed nominations in Germany, New Zealand, IMO International and is to be screened at the Nollywood Film Festival is a significant achievement.


The Black Star International Film Festival (BSIFF) is an annual film festival that takes place in Accra, Ghana. The festival aims to promote and celebrate the works of filmmakers from Africa and the diaspora, as well as to provide a platform for African films to be showcased on an international stage.


Kwadwo Nkansah, professionally known as Lilwin, is a Ghanaian artiste, actor, and comedian.


He is the founder and director of Great Minds International School in Kumasi and CEO of Weezy Empire, in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.



Story By: Zolla Nie(Livenewsgh)

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