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Ed Cal Debut New Single “Akyedie”

British-Ghanaian gospel singer, song writer and a creative director Ed Cal has finally released his much anticipated mind-blowing masterpiece dubbed”Akyedie”.

Akyedie” was produced by hyper and mixed by Wei Y3 Oteng.


Listen below



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Kush Keef And Ras Kuuku Drop Official Video For “E Go Be” Remix

After dropping a new street anthem for the ghetto youths with the remix version of “E Go Be”, Kush Keef seals the conversation with an official video for it.


The song which features Ras Kuuku had him feature in the official video too, giving some extra meaning and synergy to the lyrics and melodies both artistes shared in the song.


Watch the Video here:


Stream Song Here:


The song was produced by dream Jay and visuals directed by Nii Josiah.


Kush Keef is a versatile Ghanaian Reggae/Dancehall and Afropop Artiste. He readies his upcoming EP, due for official release soon. He is poised to take his craft to higher heights with the upcoming project, thus, he is putting in all efforts to make it successful.


Kush Keef is nestled under Rovl Entertainment Records.


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King Paluta Drops Visualizer For New Banger ‘Makoma’

Versatile Ghanaian musician King Paluta after dropping his infectious banger ‘Makoma’ has made a swift follow up with a visualizer to accompany the song.


Appreciating love and joy in ‘Makoma’, the current reigning Telecel Ghana Music Awards- TGMA’s; Best New Artiste refreshes audiences with his soothing vocals.


Stream Makoma Here:


‘Makoma’ is a musical masterpiece and a blend of Highlife with a unique auditory experience. King Paluta, known for his lyrical prowess gives a melodious and catchy chorus which makes it a chart-worthy track.


Khendi Beatz is responsible for the production of ‘Makoma’ with Snipper Boy doing his magic with the visuals.



Story By: Cofy Dela

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King Paluta Drops Official Video For ‘More Money’ Featuring Sista Afia

The current Telecel Ghana Music Awards- TGMA best new artiste, King Paluta after stealing the hearts of many with back-to-back hits has drop the official video to his latest song ‘More Money’ featuring the Sista Afia.


Listen Here:


King Paluta keeps proving his versatility in all his releases and ‘More Money’ is not exempted. He is seen chanting and commanding money indicating how important is it to be wealthy.


‘More Money’ is another soul lifting song following up his chart-topping record ‘Aseda’.


Sister Afia does a splendid job by adding up with her sweet vocals given the song the feminine feel of the whole vibe. The video was directed by Joe Aggrey



Enjoy the visuals of ‘More Money’ below



Story By: Cofy Dela

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K1ng Solo Releases New Single Energy

Afrobeat/Afropop singer K1ng Solo has released a brand single.


Titled Energy, the banging Amapiano single “Energy” was produced by award winning Nigerian producer Black Jerzee known for producing bangers for the likes of rapper Sarkodie.


The song comes off his EP, Synergy with video shoot at various locations in Kokrobitey in Accra.


Watch the video below


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U-Nice Music Set To Drop The Official Video For “Too Much”

Fast-rising Ghanaian gospel artist U-Nice Music is gearing up to release the highly anticipated official music video for her hit song “Too Much.” Known for her anointed and powerful gospel music, U-Nice has steadily built a reputation as a dynamic force in the Ghanaian music industry.
The song “Too Much” has been making waves across all major streaming platforms, resonating deeply with audiences through its inspirational lyrics and uplifting melodies. The track, celebrated for its rich gospel influences and contemporary sound, has solidified U-Nice’s place as a significant new voice in the gospel music scene.
The upcoming video promises to be a visual feast that complements the song’s powerful message. Fans can expect a vibrant and spiritually enriching experience that captures the essence of the song. U-Nice’s visual artistry aims to enhance the listener’s connection to the music, bringing the themes of faith, gratitude, and divine abundance to life.
U-Nice Music, whose real name is Eunice Kakrabah-Quarshie, has been steadily climbing the ranks with her unique style that blends traditional gospel with modern beats. Her music is not just about entertainment; it’s a ministry aimed at spreading hope and encouraging people through the message of God’s love. She has been recognized for her contributions to gospel music and her ability to inspire listeners with her heartfelt performances.
In addition to her music, U-Nice is part of a growing movement of female artists in Ghana who are championing women’s empowerment and making significant impacts in the industry. Her dedication and talent have earned her a loyal following and critical acclaim, positioning her as a role model for aspiring gospel musicians.
As the release date for the “Too Much” music video approaches, excitement continues to build. Fans and gospel music enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting this new visual masterpiece, which is expected to further cement U-Nice Music’s status as a leading gospel artist in Ghana and beyond.
Stay tuned to U-Nice Music’s social media channels and major music platforms for the official release of the “Too Much” music video. This is one release you won’t want to miss!
Check out the lyrics video for Too Much:

Written By: Promoter Koolic
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Israel Maweta Drops Official Video For “Zi Kpoo Remix”, Featuring Nacee

Israel Maweta outdoors a new music video for his song, “Zi Kpoo Remix”. The song is the 8th track from his 19th Solo Album titled “Amenuveve”.


Nacee, renowned Ghanaian Gospel Singer/Producer, was featured on the song. He was the one who also produced it for Israel Maweta.


“Zi Kpoo Remix” is an emotion-stirring worship song which was originally done by Israel Maweta alone. While working on the Album project, Nacee himself chose to jump on the remix. Out of 8 songs listed for “Amenuveve” Album, 5 of them were produced by Nacee. Other producers for the Album are Raizo Lino and Gbonfou Edjona Kokou.


Listen to “Amenuveve” Album on All Major Music Digital Platforms:


Israel Maweta is a Ghanaian born of Volta descent, precisely from Tegbi. He is best identified with Gospel and African Traditional Music genres, amongst which are Borborbor, Agbadza, Kinka, Zigi, Asafo, Zibo, Appellation etc.


He won “Traditional Song Of The Year” at Ghana Music Awards in 2003 with his popular song cum Album “Akume He”. Notable hits he is known for are “Woewoe”, “Medi Be Mayi”, “Kristo Yome”, “Tsor Si Gborna”, “Adiba”, “Kpodze Ngo”, “Wovevewo Nu Ayi”, just to name a few.


In all, Israel has at least 23 Albums to his credit; under a 25-year musical career.


Follow him below on Social Media:

Facebook — Israel Maweta

Instagram & X — @MawetaMusic

TikTok — @IsraelMaweta


Bookings: +233266633090



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“Fine Bebe” By Kulli Jay: A Love Anthem That Will Capture Your Heart

Rising Afrobeats sensation, Kulli Jay, has unveiled a captivating love anthem that’s set to sweep music lovers off their feet!


His latest release, “Fine Bebe”, is a mesmerizing Afrobeats track that celebrates the beauty and charm of a loved one. This soulful serenade is the perfect ode to shower your significant other with praise and adoration.


The song’s infectious mid-tempo beat, courtesy of Kulli Jay’s magisterial production, will get you moving and grooving to the rhythm in no time. The catchy melody, accompanied by Kulli Jay’s smooth and sultry vocals, will transport you to a world of love and bliss. The song’s harmonies are lush and rich, with a chorus that will stick in your head for days.


With “Fine Bebe”, Kulli Jay showcases his talent for crafting songs that are both personal and universal. This love anthem is a testament to the power of music to express our deepest emotions and connect with others on a profound level.

So, without further ado, I present to you, “Fine Bebe” by Kulli Jay. Stream, enjoy, and share this love-filled masterpiece with everyone around you.



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Medikal Fires Shots At UTV In New Song Collaboration With Danny Lampo: A Closer Look

Ghanaian UK-based Afrobeat artiste Danny Lampo has set the music scene ablaze with his latest release, “Where The Money Dey,” featuring Ghanaian rap sensation Medikal. The track arrives amidst a wave of anticipation following Medikal’s sell-out 02 Indigo show and a headline-grabbing altercation with UTV host Mzgee. In this article, we delve into the genesis of the collaboration, dissect the lyrical content of the song, and explore the implications of Medikal’s apparent jabs at UTV.
Danny Lampo, known for his infectious Afrobeat melodies, joins forces with Medikal, a heavyweight in the Ghanaian rap scene, to create “Where The Money Dey.” Produced by Dwante Navire and expertly mixed and mastered by DJ Cizzy, the track boasts a polished sound that is sure to resonate with audiences globally.
Medikal’s contribution to “Where The Money Dey” has raised eyebrows with its pointed references to his recent altercation with UTV. Lines such as “hot argument” and “jabs at Utv” suggest underlying tensions between the rapper and the media outlet. While the specifics of the feud remain shrouded in speculation, Medikal’s lyrics hint at a desire to assert his autonomy and defend his reputation in the face of criticism.
Beyond the controversy, “Where The Money Dey” offers a poignant commentary on the harsh realities of life in Ghana. Danny Lampo’s introspective verses paint a vivid picture of financial struggle and societal injustice, striking a chord with listeners who grapple with similar challenges on a daily basis. Medikal’s bars add a layer of complexity to the narrative, offering insight into the pressures faced by public figures in the spotlight.
Since its release, “Where The Money Dey” has generated buzz within Ghana’s music community, sparking debates about the nature of celebrity and media representation. While some listeners applaud Medikal’s candidness, others question the wisdom of airing personal grievances in a public forum. Nevertheless, the track’s infectious energy and thought-provoking lyrics have solidified its status as a must-listen for fans of Afrobeat and Ghanaian hip-hop alike.
“Where The Money Dey” by Danny Lampo featuring Medikal is more than just a song; it’s a cultural moment. By addressing his recent spat with UTV in his verse, Medikal adds an extra layer of intrigue to an already compelling track, inviting listeners to ponder the complexities of fame, success, and media scrutiny. As the song continues to gain traction on music streaming platforms, the conversation surrounding its themes and implications shows no signs of slowing down.

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Old Swat Unveils Spectacular “Bottles” Official Video Ft Zygee: A Visual Marvel

In a bold leap into the realms of innovation and visual storytelling, Old Swat, the pioneering Ghanaian record label owner, has unleashed the official video for “Bottles” featuring Zygee. What sets this visual masterpiece apart is its unconventional backdrop – a vibrant green screen that serves as the canvas for a breathtaking display of creativity.
With a career spanning over a decade, Old Swat has earned his stripes as a visionary in the Ghanaian music scene. From his early days as the founder of the influential music blog Loud Sounds Gh to his current role as a tastemaker in the industry, he has consistently championed innovation and pushed the boundaries of artistic expression.
“Bottles” stands as a testament to Old Swat’s commitment to showcasing the best of Ghanaian talent. Teaming up with Zygee, a rising star known for his dynamic style and infectious energy, the track resonated with audiences worldwide, earning accolades for its catchy beats and vibrant energy. Now, with the release of the official video, Old Swat and Zygee elevate their collaboration to new heights.
Filmed against a vivid green screen backdrop, the “Bottles” video is a visual marvel, transporting viewers on a journey through a kaleidoscope of colors and textures. Through the magic of post-production wizardry, the filmmakers transform ordinary scenes into extraordinary landscapes, creating a world that is as mesmerizing as it is immersive.
What sets this video apart is its seamless integration of digital effects and visual enhancements, made possible by the green screen technology. By harnessing the power of technology, Old Swat and Zygee create a visual spectacle that captivates the senses and sparks the imagination. From pulsating cityscapes to dreamy celestial realms, each frame is a testament to the boundless possibilities of imagination.
As the official video for “Bottles” makes its debut, it heralds a new era of creativity and innovation in the Ghanaian music industry. Viewers are invited to experience the magic of Old Swat and Zygee’s collaboration by watching the video on YouTube.
To witness the groundbreaking “Bottles” video shot against a green screen, and immerse yourself in a world of imagination and wonder. In an industry defined by its willingness to embrace change, Old Swat continues to lead the way, inspiring artists and audiences alike with his bold vision and unbridled creativity.

Source: Promoter Koolic
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King Paluta Drops The Official Video To His Trending Song ‘Aseda’

The most trending Ghanaian artiste at the moment; King Paluta has dropped the official visulas to his dominating song ‘Aseda’. The Song which has amassed over 15M+ streams on all digital platforms including the visualizer has outdoored the official video to the song.

Being the most popular song in Ghana and beyond, the video is one which meets the standard of the song and has high visual qualities that will make you fall much more in love with the song.

Check the video below and dont forget to subscribe to the channel as well


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