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Stormzy Receives Honorary Degree From University Of Exeter

Stormzy, the platinum – selling grime artist, was conferred an honorary doctorate by the prestigious University of Exeter in appreciation of “his extraordinary contributions 

in the fields of higher education, philanthropy, and wider participation.”


According to the University, the honour was in recognition of the rapper’s outstanding contribution to society.


Obviously, his music career took off in a major way since then and he’s also made the Cambridge University dream a reality for other students with his scholarship fund.


Stormzy also set up the #Merky Foundation in 2020 and has gone on to pledge millions to tackle racial inequality, justice reform and Black empowerment in the UK. 


Last year, the foundation partnered with HSBC UK to ensure a further 30 ‘Stormzy Scholars’ are funded over the next three years covering tuition fees and maintenance costs.


Speaking at the ceremony, Stormzy addressed the room and said: “I feel truly blessed and grateful to be up here receiving this honorary degree. I’d like to say a big thank you to University of Exeter and you guys as well for allowing me to share this moment with you.


“The journey I took to get to this moment has been considerably different to yours. You guys have the guts and the grit and the dedication that it takes to study for years and to finish your degree, whereas I got my AS results in my first year of college and said, ‘Yeah, see you later.’ I didn’t have the same minerals that you guys have. A year later, I took another swing at my A-levels at a different college—until I sat down for my English exam in January and walked out after 10 minutes.”


Watch a video of the full speech below.





Danny Lampo Visits BBC As Part Of His Media Tour For “Where The Money Dey” Featuring Medikal

In a significant step forward for his burgeoning career, Danny Lampo, the UK-based, multi-award-winning Ghanaian artist, recently paid a visit to the BBC. This high-profile appearance is part of a comprehensive media tour promoting his latest single, “Where The Money Dey,” which features renowned Ghanaian rapper Medikal.

Danny Lampo has rapidly ascended the ranks of the music industry, earning accolades and a dedicated fanbase both in Ghana and the UK. Known for his unique blend of Afrobeat, dancehall, and contemporary Ghanaian sounds, Lampo’s music resonates with a diverse audience. His visit to the BBC underscores his growing influence and the international appeal of his work.


The BBC, one of the world’s leading broadcasting corporations, serves as a prestigious platform for artists seeking to reach a global audience. Lampo’s appearance is a testament to his rising prominence and the anticipation surrounding his new single. During his visit, he had the opportunity to discuss his musical journey, the inspiration behind “Where The Money Dey,” and his collaboration with Medikal.


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A post shared by Danny Lampo – Call me Daddy Lampo (@dannylampo)

“Where The Money Dey” marks an exciting collaboration between Danny Lampo and Medikal, a heavyweight in the Ghanaian rap scene. Medikal, known for his lyrical prowess and dynamic performances, brings a distinct edge to the track. The single combines Afrobeat rhythms with sharp, engaging lyrics, making it a potential hit on the charts.


As part of his media tour, Danny Lampo’s engagement with the BBC is strategic, aimed at leveraging the broadcaster’s extensive reach to promote “Where The Money Dey.” The single has already begun to garner positive reviews, with fans and critics praising its catchy beat and the seamless synergy between Lampo and Medikal.


Lampo’s visit to the BBC is not just a promotional effort but also a reflection of his ambition and potential for further international success. It opens up new opportunities for collaborations, performances, and wider recognition in the global music arena. Fans eagerly anticipate his future projects and the continued evolution of his sound.


Danny Lampo’s media tour, highlighted by his visit to the BBC, represents a pivotal moment in his career. “Where The Money Dey” featuring Medikal is set to make waves both in Ghana and internationally. This milestone is a clear indicator of Lampo’s growing influence and the exciting trajectory of his musical journey. As he continues to captivate audiences with his innovative sound, the world will undoubtedly be hearing a lot more from this talented artist.

Written By: Promoter Koolic

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Celebrating The Legendary Highlife Maestro – Nana Quame

Ghanaian music has long been celebrated for its vibrant rhythms and soulful melodies, with Highlife music standing as one of the most beloved genres. Among the pantheon of Highlife greats, Nana Quame shines brightly, captivating audiences with his mellifluous voice and timeless songs.
Nana Quame, born Henry De-Mensah, burst onto the music scene in the late 1990s, bringing a fresh and dynamic sound to the Highlife genre. His early works quickly garnered attention, establishing him as a force to be reckoned with in the Ghanaian music industry. His ability to blend traditional Highlife elements with contemporary sounds endeared him to a wide range of listeners, both young and old.
Quame’s charisma and unique voice set him apart, allowing him to carve out a niche in the competitive music landscape. From his humble beginnings, he showed a relentless passion for music, which translated into the heartfelt and authentic performances that fans have come to love.
Over the years, Nana Quame has blessed the world with numerous hits that continue to resonate with fans. Some of his most notable songs include:
1. “Asew Kono” – This song is a quintessential Highlife track that showcases Nana Quame’s smooth vocals and his knack for storytelling through music. It remains a favorite at social gatherings and is often played at weddings and celebrations. “Asew Kono” embodies the essence of Highlife with its intricate guitar riffs and catchy choruses.
2. “Atia Donko” – A powerful and emotive song, “Atia Donko” highlights Nana Quame’s ability to convey deep emotions, making it a standout track in his discography. The song’s poignant lyrics and soulful delivery resonate with many, speaking to the universal themes of love and longing.
3. “Alomo Kiti”– This upbeat and catchy song has become a staple in Ghanaian parties and continues to be a crowd-pleaser, demonstrating Nana Quame’s versatility and appeal. Its infectious rhythm and joyful energy make it an evergreen hit that gets people dancing.
4. “Odo Shock” – Another hit that solidified Nana Quame’s place in Highlife history, “Odo Shock” combines infectious rhythms with heartfelt lyrics, making it a timeless classic. The song’s romantic theme and memorable melody make it a favorite among fans.
5. “Wo Ne Mmaakye” – This song exemplifies Nana Quame’s storytelling prowess and his ability to touch the hearts of listeners. Its lyrical depth and melodic sophistication highlight his growth as an artist.
Nana Quame’s contributions to the Ghanaian music scene have not gone unnoticed. He has received numerous awards and accolades, celebrating his talent and impact on the industry. Among his many honors, he has been recognized at the Ghana Music Awards, where his work has been lauded for its excellence and influence.
In addition to his musical achievements, Nana Quame has played a significant role in mentoring and inspiring the next generation of artists. His influence can be seen in the works of many contemporary Ghanaian musicians who look up to him as a pioneer and a role model. His dedication to nurturing young talent has helped to sustain and evolve the Highlife genre, ensuring its continued relevance and vitality.
Beyond his musical prowess, Nana Quame is also known for his philanthropy. He has been involved in various charitable activities, using his platform to give back to the community and support causes close to his heart. This aspect of his legacy underscores his commitment not only to his art but also to the well-being of his fellow Ghanaians.
Nana Quame’s music transcends time, continuing to evoke joy, nostalgia, and a sense of cultural pride among listeners. His contributions to Highlife music have helped to preserve and promote Ghanaian culture on the global stage. As we celebrate his illustrious career, we also look forward to the future, eager to see what new musical gems he will bestow upon us.
In the rich tapestry of Ghanaian Highlife music, Nana Quame’s name is etched in gold, a testament to his enduring talent and his unwavering commitment to his craft. His ability to adapt and evolve while staying true to the roots of Highlife music has ensured his longevity in the music industry. Here’s to many more years of captivating melodies and soulful tunes from the legendary Nana Quame!
As we honor Nana Quame’s legacy, it’s clear that his music will continue to inspire and entertain for generations to come. His journey, marked by passion, resilience, and creativity, serves as an inspiration to all aspiring musicians. Long live the music and legacy of Nana Quame!
Written By: Promoter Koolic
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I Have Made Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia More Popular On The Street – Dj Azonto

I have made Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia more popular on the street – DJ Azonto

Ghana’s Amapiano king, DJ Azonto has made a shocking statement about how he has been able to increase the popularity of Vice President DR Mahamudu Bawumia after he started using his “Fa No Fom” song for his political events.

According to DJ Azonto, his musical prowess has not only boosted the popularity of Ghana’s Vice President, but made him more likable on the street for the youth especially.

Speaking on Central Prime Time show, DJ Azonto didn’t hold back in emphasizing the impact of his music on the vice president’s political events.

“Ever since Dr. Bawumia used ‘Fa No Fom’ in his campaign, his popularity has soared. People are singing it everywhere, and it’s become an anthem!” he said. “I made Dr. Bawumia more popular than ever before.” DJ Azonto added

DJ Azonto stated he is still expecting some form of compensation for the use of his song. “I initially requested $10 million as compensation, and I stand by that request,”.

DJ Azonto believes “Music isn’t just entertainment; it’s my livelihood. When my work is used on such a grand stage, it deserves proper acknowledgment and reward.”

The “Fa No Fom” hitmaker remains hopeful that his contribution will not go unrecognized. “I respect Dr. Bawumia and the positive message he’s trying to spread. But respect also means recognizing the value of each other’s work. I’m optimistic that my request for compensation will be honored.”

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Rebbel Ashes Elevates Afrobeat With Dynamic Hits And Collaborations

Belgium-based Ghanaian artist Rebbel Ashes continues to shine in the European music scene with his dynamic releases and powerful collaborations. With his latest hit “Kwansema” featuring Kwame MulZz, Rebbel Ashes reaffirms his position as a leading figure in the Afrobeat genre, captivating audiences worldwide.
Originally from Ghana, Rebbel Ashes has made a significant impact in Europe with his infectious melodies and heartfelt lyrics. Known as the “King of Hooks,” his music resonates with audiences far beyond his homeland, blending traditional Ghanaian rhythms with contemporary Afrobeat sounds.
His relocation to Belgium marked a new chapter in his career, allowing him to further hone his craft and expand his musical horizons. This journey has led to a series of successful releases, each showcasing his versatility and creativity.
Aunty Sophia: featuring Kuejo Blaq:
“Aunty Sophia” is a vibrant collaboration between Rebbel Ashes and Kuejo Blaq. Kuejo Blaq is a Ghanaian singer and songwriter known for his smooth vocal delivery and soulful performances. Together, they create a lively track that likely features energetic beats and catchy hooks, typical of Afrobeat music. The song may revolve around themes such as love, relationships, or celebration.
Medi Sika:
Featuring Kwame MulZz:
“Medi Sika,” which translates to “I have money” in the Akan language spoken in Ghana, celebrates financial success or empowerment. Kwame MulZz is a versatile Ghanaian artist known for his dynamic vocal style and engaging stage presence. With his collaboration, listeners can expect dynamic vocals and engaging lyrics that complement Rebbel Ashes’ infectious melodies.
Body Mind Soul:
 Featuring Ray Blaze & Papa Kumasi:
“Body Mind Soul” delves into themes related to holistic well-being, exploring the interconnectedness of body, mind, and soul. Ray Blaze is a Nigerian artist known for his smooth R&B vocals, while Papa Kumasi is a Ghanaian comedian and actor. Papa Kumasi, known for his roles in local Ghanaian movies and television shows, adds a touch of humor and authenticity to the track.
featuring Jeremiah Jackson:
“Wosop” is a high-energy track that exudes positivity and celebration. Jeremiah Jackson is likely a versatile artist known for his soulful vocals and energetic performances. Together, they create an uplifting anthem that infuses elements of R&B or soul into Afrobeat music.
Good Morning:
“Good Morning” serves as a feel-good anthem, welcoming listeners to a new day with uplifting melodies and empowering lyrics. This solo track by Rebbel Ashes encourages positivity and motivation, setting a vibrant tone for the day ahead.
“Obolobo” explores themes of identity, heritage, or personal experiences. Though the title doesn’t have an obvious translation, it likely holds personal or cultural significance to Rebbel Ashes. This solo track showcases Rebbel Ashes’ introspective side and his ability to connect with listeners on a deeper level.
“Activate” ignites the listener’s spirit and encourages movement. With over 500,000 streams, it’s a crowd favorite, showcasing Rebbel Ashes’ ability to create music that resonates with audiences worldwide. This solo track highlights Rebbel Ashes’ infectious energy and his talent for crafting dance-worthy beats.
Featuring Kwame MulZz:
As the latest hit, “Kwansema” continues Rebbel Ashes’ tradition of delivering captivating Afrobeat music. With Kwame MulZz’s collaboration, the song offers infectious rhythms, soulful vocals, and compelling lyrics. Kwame MulZz’s dynamic vocal style complements Rebbel Ashes’ melodies, creating a synergy that captivates listeners.
The synergy between Rebbel Ashes and his collaborators is palpable, with each artist bringing their unique style and flair to the table. Collaborations add depth and diversity to his music, creating a rich tapestry of sounds and experiences.
Beyond his musical achievements, Rebbel Ashes is known for his advocacy work, speaking out against ableism in the music industry and calling for greater unity and respect within the community. His commitment to fostering a more inclusive and respectful artistic environment underscores his influence beyond the recording studio.
Rebbel Ashes’ impact extends to his live performances, hailed as transcendent experiences that bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary Ghanaian music. His recent concert with Highlife legend Pat Thomas showcased his versatility and dynamic stage presence, solidifying his reputation as a captivating live performer.
With “Kwansema” continuing to gain traction and his influence spreading across Europe, Rebbel Ashes is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the global music scene. His journey from Ghana to Belgium, marked by a series of hit releases and impactful performances, is a testament to his talent, dedication, and passion for Afrobeat music.
As he continues to innovate, collaborate, and advocate, Rebbel Ashes is poised to leave an indelible mark on the world of music, inspiring audiences and fellow artists alike.
Here are the streaming links for Rebbel Ashes’ song “Kwansema” featuring Kwame MulZz on various platforms:
– YouTube: [Kwansema on YouTube](
– Audiomack: [Kwansema on Audiomack](
– Boomplay: [Kwansema on Boomplay](
– Deezer: [Kwansema on Deezer](
– Tidal: [Kwansema on Tidal](
– Amazon Music: [Kwansema on Amazon Music](
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U-Nice Music To Drop The Official Video For “Too Much”

Fast-rising Ghanaian gospel artist U-Nice Music is gearing up to release the highly anticipated official music video for her hit song “Too Much.” Known for her anointed and powerful gospel music, U-Nice has steadily built a reputation as a dynamic force in the Ghanaian music industry.
The song “Too Much” has been making waves across all major streaming platforms, resonating deeply with audiences through its inspirational lyrics and uplifting melodies. The track, celebrated for its rich gospel influences and contemporary sound, has solidified U-Nice’s place as a significant new voice in the gospel music scene.
The upcoming video promises to be a visual feast that complements the song’s powerful message. Fans can expect a vibrant and spiritually enriching experience that captures the essence of the song. U-Nice’s visual artistry aims to enhance the listener’s connection to the music, bringing the themes of faith, gratitude, and divine abundance to life.
U-Nice Music, whose real name is Eunice Kakrabah-Quarshie, has been steadily climbing the ranks with her unique style that blends traditional gospel with modern beats. Her music is not just about entertainment; it’s a ministry aimed at spreading hope and encouraging people through the message of God’s love. She has been recognized for her contributions to gospel music and her ability to inspire listeners with her heartfelt performances.
In addition to her music, U-Nice is part of a growing movement of female artists in Ghana who are championing women’s empowerment and making significant impacts in the industry. Her dedication and talent have earned her a loyal following and critical acclaim, positioning her as a role model for aspiring gospel musicians.
As the release date for the “Too Much” music video approaches, excitement continues to build. Fans and gospel music enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting this new visual masterpiece, which is expected to further cement U-Nice Music’s status as a leading gospel artist in Ghana and beyond.
Stay tuned to U-Nice Music’s social media channels and major music platforms for the official release of the “Too Much” music video. This is one release you won’t want to miss!
Check out the lyrics video for Too Much:
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Acceptance Speech – Honouring Ras Caleb Appiah-Levi By Apprise Music Distribution

Greetings Global Citizens,


I am REALLY honored to be chosen to be honoured by Apprise Music Distribution this day, blessed for Mankind; and so, let me take this great opportunity to thank the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Apprise Music Distribution,

Mr. Michael Bamfo and his hardworking Staff for dedicating their time in assisting musicians and artistes to achieve their hopes, dreams and aspirations by creating this global digital content distribution and monetization platform based in Ghana with representations across several African countries, Europe, America and the Middle East, as a network of music business professionals with international connections with a goal to empower independent artists with the tools needed to advance their works and services.


I can attest that with just a minimal funds every artist or musician irrespective of their caliber can get all songs into all the digital platforms by kind courtesy of Apprise Music Distribution. In doing so, their songs are automatically licensed or copyrighted and monetized, ensuring security of content and royalties.


I am very happy to note that

Apprise Music offers many options for music distribution and promotions; and they also help musicians to gain affordable and equal access to all channels of digital music distribution with a keen focus on Artistes in their indigenous communities from Africa, hence i am so satisfied to be appointed as a global Ambassador for Apprise Music Distribution for the Renaissance of Africa Music Industry.


In ending, let me take this precious opportunity to announce to you that after ardent consultation with stakeholders, a new organization named “CONTINENTAL FEDERATION OF MUSICIANS (COFEM) has been founded to serve musicians in the fifty-six (56) African countries under the auspices of PanAfrica-Ghana (PAG) and Apprise Music Distribution (AMD) for socio-economic development of the African continent. Very soon this noble organization would be outdoored and its aims and objectives circulated for the understanding of all.


Once more, I sincerely thank Apprise Music Distribution for the honour done to me. Merci beaucoup… medaase. Blessed Times.

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Kay Smooth Makes Another Come Back With ‘Mrs Right’

Kay Smooth, the talented male vocalist, has released a stunning new love song titled “Mrs Right (Acoustic Version)”, accompanied by a high-quality music video. This beautiful ballad showcases Kay Smooth’s soothing voice and emotional delivery, making it a standout in the music scene.


“Mrs Right (Acoustic Version)” is a heartfelt ode to finding the perfect partner, with Kay Smooth’s soulful vocals and the acoustic instrumentation blending harmoniously to create a romantic atmosphere. The song’s lyrics are relatable and sincere, making it a must-listen for anyone who has experienced the joy of loving someone special.


The music video, which premiered alongside the single, is a visually stunning complement to the song. With its warm lighting, intimate setting, and Kay Smooth’s captivating performance, the video perfectly captures the essence of the song and adds an extra layer of emotional depth.


With “Mrs Right (Acoustic Version)”, Kay Smooth has once again demonstrated his talent for crafting beautiful love songs that resonate with listeners. This acoustic version is a testament to his versatility and ability to create music that touches the heart. Give it a listen and enjoy the soulful vibes!



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Stonebwoy Thanks MC Portfolio On Stage After Winning Artiste Of The Year At The 25th Telecel Ghana Music Awards

At the 25th Telecel Ghana Music Awards held last night, Stonebwoy was honored with the Artiste of the Year award. The crowd erupted into cheers and applause as he accepted the accolade, celebrating his outstanding contributions to the Ghanaian music industry.
In a heartfelt and memorable moment, Stonebwoy used his acceptance speech to express deep gratitude towards MC Portfolio. He said, “I want to tell the world, God bless this man for coming all the way from Kumasi to tell the world the truth.” This acknowledgment highlighted the significant support he received from MC Portfolio.
The audience responded with a resounding round of applause, showcasing the camaraderie and mutual respect within the music community. Stonebwoy’s gesture underscored the importance of recognizing and uplifting fellow artists and industry professionals.
The night ended on a high note, with Stonebwoy’s win reinforcing his status as one of Ghana’s most celebrated musicians. His gracious shoutout to MC Portfolio added to the positive and uplifting atmosphere of the event.
Source: Promoter Koolic
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Patoranking Foundation And ALX Africa Unveil $500,000 Tech Scholarship Initiative For African Students

Patoranking Foundation, a non-profit organisation on a mission to advance Africa through education, entrepreneurship and empowerment, has announced the launch of the $500,000 Patoranking Foundation Tech Scholarships. In a strategic partnership with ALX Africa, a leading provider of tech training, the scholarships will provide 40 young tech-savvy Africans with access to a variety of transformative technology programmes in data analytics, cloud computing and Salesforce Administration. The partnership is aimed at preparing the scholars to become the next pioneers in technology.



Founded by African musician, Patrick Okorie aka Patoranking, the Patoranking Foundation utilises research, advocacy and partnerships to provide transformative educational programs and market-ready entrepreneurial skills to outstanding young leaders in Africa. Having invested over $1 million on youth education in Africa over the last six years, the introduction of a $500,000 tech scholarship in partnership with ALX Africa, marks a new chapter in the Foundation’s mission. From 30th May 2024, 40 exceptional candidates will stand the chance to participate in world-class tech training programmes, developing in-demand tech skills sought after by leading global employers.



Candidates will ideally already be changemakers in their community, and as part of their scholarship, will have the opportunity to qualify for internship opportunities with leading global tech companies to bridge the gap between theory and real-life practice. The tech scholarship is open to candidates from all over Africa. Candidates will be required to successfully complete the ALX admissions process and  beneficiaries will be selected after a review of the individual application videos and essays submitted on the foundation’s website.



Speaking on the partnership, Patrick Okorie, Founder, Patoranking Foundation, said: “ At Patoranking Foundation, we are dedicated to advancing Africa through education and entrepreneurship.  In the past, we have done this by providing academic scholarships to exceptional African students at all levels and have now partnered with ALX Africa to announce technology scholarships. ALX Africa shares our commitment to empower tomorrow’s leaders via access to advanced digital skills that are critical to future employability and entrepreneurship and we are delighted to partner with them. This step takes us closer to our goal of equipping one million Africans within the next 10 years. At Patoranking Foundation, we are ardent believers in the abundance of exceptional talents and changemakers in Africa, and will continue to challenge the financial inequalities that threaten the emergence of the next generation of African disruptors.”



The Patoranking Foundation has leveraged partnerships to provide promising young leaders with access to leading educational institutions under its Sky Level Initiative. In 2020, the Foundation awarded full scholarships to 10 scholars from eight African countries, including Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda and Liberia, to enable them to study at the African Leadership University (ALU) in Rwanda or Mauritius. At the primary and secondary education level, 170 young pupils are currently on scholarship in five leading schools in Ebonyi state, Nigeria, the founder’s home state.  This $500,000 tech partnership with ALX Africa will be open to youths from all parts of Africa, aged between 18 and 34, at no cost with all related fees covered.  Beneficiaries can choose to learn fully remotely or at any of ALX Africa’s hubs in Johannesburg, Accra, Lagos, Casablanca, Addis Ababa, Nairobi, Kigali and Cairo.



Commenting on the partnership, celebrated educator and entrepreneur Fred Swaniker, Founder of ALX Africa, said: “In today’s world of AI and Big Data, young people need to be prepared for uncertainty; they need to be agile and adaptable. ALX’s tech programmes have been built around our belief in the importance of reimagining and redesigning skills training to meet the challenges and opportunities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Through our collaboration with Patoranking Foundation, we hope to empower tomorrow’s tech disruptors and innovative community leaders with the most in-demand hard and soft skills to solve the problems of the continent and beyond.”


Patoranking continues to leverage his influence to nurture Africa’s entrepreneurial passion, ready to accelerate transformative change to the nations and the continent. By selecting resilient and innovative community changemakers for the tech scholarships, the Patoranking Foundation is equipping Africa’s young leaders with much needed digital skills to scale local impact and providing them with useful connections for collaborations. Through its concerted efforts, the Foundation hopes to create a ripple effect of change, empowering the youth to become architects of their own futures and catalysts for progress within their communities.  To apply, please


About Patoranking Foundation

Patoranking Foundation is dedicated to unlocking the potential of Africa’s youth through transformative educational programs, fostering entrepreneurial skills, and empowering young leaders. Our brand promise is to inspire and enable African youth to achieve their fullest potential, nurturing a new generation of leaders and innovators who will propel progress throughout the continent.


About ALX

ALX Africa is a leading provider of tech training and career acceleration services. We are committed to addressing the global shortage of tech talent by providing the techno-fluent leaders of tomorrow with access to the skills and tools they need today. We serve young leaders across the African continent and around the world, empowering them to build impactful careers in high-growth industries. Visit our website to learn more and be a part of the digital revolution.

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Sajsongs Gifts Pen Drives To Rick Ross And Quavo

SAJSONGS, a talented artiste born to a Ghanaian mother and Nigerian father, is bridging the gap between Africa and the global music industry.

He recently gifted pen drives to Rick Ross and Quavo, challenging them to collaborate with African artistes and tap into the continent’s vibrant musical heritage.

SAJSONGS believes that everyone has the potential to bloom wherever they are, making a meaningful impact in the music industry.

As an artiste who embodies the soul of Africa, he is committed to sharing his roots with the world. His message is clear: African music is healing, and the world needs it.

With his gesture, SAJSONGS is paving the way for a new era of musical collaboration and exchange between Africa and the global music industry. He represents the future of African music, and his presence is a testament to the continent’s rich cultural heritage.


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