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Tictero Opens 2022 With New Single ‘Shower Your Blessings’

Tictero, an Accra-based but Eastern Region – born artiste, has released new song titled “Shower Your Blessing” to inspire his fans and lovers of good and authentic Afrobeats/afrofusion 


@Rekx beatz produced, mixed, and mastered the song.
Kindly stream on Audiomack via Tictero

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Facebook/TikTok: Tictero
Instagram: @tictero__


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Phrimpong Joins Forces With RGM Wonder In Inspirational Anthem ‘Obiaa’

Ghanaian musician Phrimpong, known for his captivating lyrical style and commitment to social commentary, has unveiled his latest single, “Obiaa.” The track, produced by the talented Khendi Beats, blends indigenous sonic rhythms with Phrimpong’s singing prowess to create a lasting highlife composition.


“Obiaa,” which translates to “everyone” in the Akan language, serves as a powerful anthem of resilience and collaboration. Phrimpong taps into the talents of another budding musician, RGM Wonder, showcasing their depth of pen game with a matching verse that seamlessly integrates with the song’s theme.


Upon first listen, “Obiaa” instantaneously rings in one’s ears, leaving a lasting impression that becomes addictive. The infectious melody and catchy rhythm make it a standout in Phrimpong’s discography, resonating with listeners with the same experience. Beyond its musical appeal, the song carries a motivational message, urging listeners not to relent on their humble beginnings and emphasizing that their achievements will be recognized by all once they succeed in their pursuits.


With “Obiaa,” Phrimpong continues to showcase his multi-talented artistry in singing following OdehyieAdam and Asem. His ability to blend traditional elements with contemporary sounds, sets him apart as an artiste with a vision.


As the song spreads its uplifting message of perseverance and collaboration, it is sure to become a staple in the playlists of music lovers everywhere, further cementing Phrimpong’s standing in years to come.


Listen below: Obiaa by Phrimpong: Listen on Audiomack

Digital stores:

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Medikal Fires Shots At UTV In New Song Collaboration With Danny Lampo: A Closer Look

Ghanaian UK-based Afrobeat artiste Danny Lampo has set the music scene ablaze with his latest release, “Where The Money Dey,” featuring Ghanaian rap sensation Medikal. The track arrives amidst a wave of anticipation following Medikal’s sell-out 02 Indigo show and a headline-grabbing altercation with UTV host Mzgee. In this article, we delve into the genesis of the collaboration, dissect the lyrical content of the song, and explore the implications of Medikal’s apparent jabs at UTV.
Danny Lampo, known for his infectious Afrobeat melodies, joins forces with Medikal, a heavyweight in the Ghanaian rap scene, to create “Where The Money Dey.” Produced by Dwante Navire and expertly mixed and mastered by DJ Cizzy, the track boasts a polished sound that is sure to resonate with audiences globally.
Medikal’s contribution to “Where The Money Dey” has raised eyebrows with its pointed references to his recent altercation with UTV. Lines such as “hot argument” and “jabs at Utv” suggest underlying tensions between the rapper and the media outlet. While the specifics of the feud remain shrouded in speculation, Medikal’s lyrics hint at a desire to assert his autonomy and defend his reputation in the face of criticism.
Beyond the controversy, “Where The Money Dey” offers a poignant commentary on the harsh realities of life in Ghana. Danny Lampo’s introspective verses paint a vivid picture of financial struggle and societal injustice, striking a chord with listeners who grapple with similar challenges on a daily basis. Medikal’s bars add a layer of complexity to the narrative, offering insight into the pressures faced by public figures in the spotlight.
Since its release, “Where The Money Dey” has generated buzz within Ghana’s music community, sparking debates about the nature of celebrity and media representation. While some listeners applaud Medikal’s candidness, others question the wisdom of airing personal grievances in a public forum. Nevertheless, the track’s infectious energy and thought-provoking lyrics have solidified its status as a must-listen for fans of Afrobeat and Ghanaian hip-hop alike.
“Where The Money Dey” by Danny Lampo featuring Medikal is more than just a song; it’s a cultural moment. By addressing his recent spat with UTV in his verse, Medikal adds an extra layer of intrigue to an already compelling track, inviting listeners to ponder the complexities of fame, success, and media scrutiny. As the song continues to gain traction on music streaming platforms, the conversation surrounding its themes and implications shows no signs of slowing down.

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RockieFella Releases ‘Soft Life’ As His First Single For The Year

After the release of his smash hit ‘Aduro remix’ which featured Kweku Smoke, RockieFella has been releasing back-to-back jams.


Last year he released his 3rd official studio album which is still one of the greatest albums we have in the country and making its way through the musical chart.


After teasing fans with the release of another mind-blowing single, the music gem and headline artiste for MTUB AFRICA/ DMB RECORDS has unbagged ‘Soft Life’ produced by the undisputable DMB, owner of DMB RECORDS.


After registering his name in the musical charts, Rockie Fella is poised to remain on the lips of many music lovers with “Soft Life’


Stream from the link below


Check Rockie Fella on social media via

Facebook @RockieFella /Rockie Fela

Twitter @rockiefellla

IG @rockiefellla

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Class Is In Session, Ajebo Hustlers Drop “Bad Boy Etiquette 102”

Dynamic multi-genre duo Ajebo Hustlers are back with their latest project, the aptly titled “Bad Boy Etiquette 102.” Hailing from Port Harcourt, Nigeria, Knowledge (George Dandeson) and Piego (Isaiah Precious) have been steadily building a reputation for music that entertains and enlightens.


Formed in 2015, Ajebo Hustlers quickly established themselves as hitmakers with a message. Their debut album, “Kpos Lifestyle Vol. 1,” and the acclaimed EP “Bad Boy Etiquette 101” showcased their ability to blend slang, and hip-hop rhymes with social commentary. Their 2020 single “Barawo” became a rallying cry during protests against police brutality, further amplified by a remix featuring Davido.


The momentum continued with the nationwide smash “Pronto” featuring Omah Lay. “Kpos Lifestyle Vol. 1” cemented their status as a creative force, weaving social commentary, while delivering it in layman’s terms for the wider audience.


On their latest offering, “Bad Boy Etiquette 102,” Ajebo Hustlers continues the exploration of love, ambition, and the universal struggles of the human condition.


The EP opens with the motivational anthem “Dreams II” featuring BlaqBonez and Zlatan.  Using dreams as their compass, the song chronicles the pursuit of aspirations, urging listeners to persevere. A shift in tone arrives with “Last Week” featuring Jeriq, confronting the harsh realities of addiction and the fight for recovery. Throughout the project, Ajebo Hustlers navigate contrasting themes. “Wicked” explores the lure of temptation, while “Undecided” featuring Raebel tackles the complexities of relationships, capturing the internal struggle between commitment and independence. “Kisses II” featuring Magixx explores heartbreak’s raw emotions and the path to healing. The many moods of love are further explored on “Sweet & Sour” featuring King Promise.


The EP concludes with the electrifying “Burn My Cable II” featuring Sarkodie. Ajebo Hustlers trade verses with the maestro Sarkodie.


Each track on “Bad Boy Etiquette 102” serves as a lesson, aiming to resonate with hearts and minds. Press play, class is in session.






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Amerado Drops New Single Titled ‘Tin Ton Tan’

Renowned Ghanaian music sensation, Amerado, is gearing up to thrill fans with his latest Afrobeat-infused single, “Tin Ton Tan.” Produced by the TGMA producer of the year nominee IzJoe Beatz, this track promises to be a chart-topper, bringing together Amerado’s lyrical prowess with IzJoe Beatz’s infectious rhythms.
Amerado, known for his sharp wit and magnetic stage presence, has once again raised the bar with “Tin Ton Tan.” This song is not just a mere release; it’s a cultural phenomenon that encapsulates the essence of contemporary Ghanaian music. With his signature blend of Twi and English lyrics, Amerado delivers a message that resonates with audiences across the nation.
“Tin Ton Tan” is more than just a catchy tune; it’s a celebration of Ghanaian resilience and determination. Amerado’s verses, intertwined with IzJoe Beatz’s masterful production, create a sonic experience that is as uplifting as it is irresistible.
The visualizer which can be found on Amerado’s YouTube was shot and directed in USA by Isaa Obuobi for Creative House TV.

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Dj Azonto Goes Hard On Black Sherif In New Song

Amapiano King, Mark Kwesi Arthur, popularly known as DJ Azonto, has taken a ferocious swipe at Black Sherif in his newly released single titled “Blacko Shut U.”

According to DJ Azonto, the song is a rebuttal to Black Sherif’s use of vulgar language in his “Shut Up” single, which sparked controversy in music circles.

DJ Azonto has already condemned Black Sherif for projecting violence in the song, which he says was not worthy of the 2023 Artiste of the Year.

The new “Blacko Shut Up” track, produced by Abochi, comes forth with some hard-hitting rhythm and lyrics, making it a soothing piece.

DJ Azonto stated in a recent interview that he wants to use the song to advise the youth to stay away from insults and respect the elderly.

“I dedicate the song to my three daughters namely Corolla Arthur, MaBenz Arthur and Masarati Arthur as well as the youth. They should stay away from insults, no matter what someone has done to them.

“We should not encourage the use of such words but rather teach them good deeds and the need to respect the elderly in society,” he said.

DJ Azonto’s new track is available across various streaming platforms:

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Strongman’s ‘God & Rap’ EP: A Genre-Bending Masterpiece

Chart-topping Ghanaian rapper Strongman has unveiled his latest EP, ‘God & Rap,’ a captivating musical journey spanning seven tracks that highlights his versatility and range as an artist.


‘God & Rap’ is available now on all major streaming platforms here –


From introspective ballads to high-energy anthems, ‘God & Rap’ offers a dynamic fusion of genres including drill, highlife, hip life, afrobeats, and even country.


The EP opens with the poignant track “Scars,” where Strongman bares his soul, delving into raw emotions and personal reflections. From there, listeners are taken on a sonic adventure through tracks like the upbeat and energetic “Ohiani Asem,” showcasing Strongman’s ability to command different sounds and styles effortlessly.


One of the standout features of ‘God & Rap’ is the collaboration with talented artists such as King Paluta, Kweku Darlington, Dope Nation, and Sevenkizs, adding depth and dimension to the project.


Each collaboration brings a unique flavor to the EP, further enriching the listening experience.


Behind the boards, ‘God & Rap’ boasts production credits from some of the industry’s most sought-after producers, including Jay Scratch, A Town TSB, Freddybeatz, BC, and TubhaniMuzik. Their contributions ensure that each track on the EP is crafted to perfection, promising a rich and immersive listening experience for fans of Strongman and diverse music enthusiasts alike.


With ‘God & Rap,’ Strongman continues to solidify his position as one of Ghana’s most versatile and compelling artists.


Whether delving into introspective lyricism or delivering infectious hooks over vibrant beats, Strongman proves once again why he remains a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.


About Strongman:                               

Strongman is a Ghanaian rapper known for his exceptional lyricism and versatile delivery. With a string of hit singles and collaborations under his belt, Strongman continues to captivate audiences with his unique blend of rap and melody. ‘God & Rap’ is the latest addition to his impressive discography, showcasing his growth as an artist and cementing his status as a frontrunner in the Ghanaian music scene.


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WOTOWEI! Quamina MP & Kofi Mole Drops First Single Off Their Debut Joint EP

Ghanaian music sensations Quamina MP and Kofi Mole have sent waves of excitement through the music scene with the release of their debut joint single, “WOTOWEI!” Produced by MPZ, the track is the first single off their upcoming collaborative EP, set to take the industry by storm.


The song, which initially gained traction several months ago on social media, has already gone viral, fueling anticipation for the full EP release. Quamina MP and Kofi Mole, both rising stars who made their breakthrough in 2018, showcase their undeniable chemistry and lyrical ability on “WOTOWEI!”


Best friends in real life, Quamina MP and Kofi Mole bring their infectious energy and playful banter to the track, creating an anthem that celebrates the beauty and confidence of African women. With its catchy beat and infectious hook, “WOTOWEI!” is poised to become the official summer party banger.


The highly anticipated EP is a collaboration with Tieme Music, further amplifying the excitement surrounding its release. Fans can expect a collection of tracks that showcase the unique talents of both artists while exploring themes of love, success, and celebration. Speaking about the collaboration, Quamina MP and Kofi Mole expressed their excitement to share their joint project with the world. “We’ve been working hard on this EP, and we can’t wait for our fans to hear what we’ve created together,” said Quamina MP. “It’s been an amazing experience collaborating with Kofi,” added Kofi Mole. “We’re bringing something fresh and exciting to the table.”


“WOTOWEI!” is just the beginning of what promises to be a groundbreaking collaboration between two of Ghana’s most promising talents. With their infectious energy, undeniable talent, and unwavering dedication to their craft, Quamina MP and Kofi Mole are ready to take the music world by storm.


Listen to the song here

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Alaye Geng And Kilimore Team Up For ‘Mad Vibes’ EP

Emerging Ghanaian Duo, Alaye Geng, and Rising Sensation Kilimore have released their new EP “Mad Vibes” on all platforms here.


“Mad Vibes EP” is more than just a collection of songs; it’s a testament to the harmonious synergy between artists, borne out of over a year of dedicated craftsmanship. With guest appearances from esteemed artists like Ypee, Kweku Flick, and Osjeez, the EP offers a blend of sounds and styles, promising a rich and multifaceted auditory experience. For Alaye Geng and Kilimore, this collaborative endeavor marks a significant milestone in their musical journey. Positioned as two of the genre’s most promising talents, they aren’t merely fleeting sensations but are carving out their legacy in the industry with their innovative sonic landscapes and evocative storytelling.

“Mad Vibes EP” serves as a testament to the unwavering dedication and raw talent of Alaye Geng and Kilimore, underscoring their commitment to delivering music of the highest caliber. Seamlessly blending traditional Ghanaian rhythms with contemporary beats, the EP encapsulates the essence of Ghanaian music culture while simultaneously pushing the boundaries to create something universally resonant.

Please find the attached Press Release and Photos for publication on your esteemed platform. 🙂 Alaye Geng is also available for interviews.

Press Release here
Streaming Link HERE

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Krymi Inspires Hope With His New Single Titled “Adom”

Ghanaian singer, songwriter, and performer shines a light on life’s essential blessings with his newest release, “Adom”.
The song, now available across all digital platforms, is capturing hearts and minds with its relatable lyrics, resonating deeply with listeners’ everyday experiences.
In a conversation with Krymi about the inspiration behind the song, he shared that “Adom” reflects the struggles many face in the pursuit of livelihoods, often overlooking life’s true gifts, only to realize that the mere gift of existence is a divine grace bestowed upon us by God.
He motioned that ‘Adom emanates from the struggles people go through in life to make a living and take care of themselves neglecting the essence of life only to realise that just to be alive is a blessing and its by God’s divine grace (Adom).’
Through his music, Krymi aims to reach those navigating life’s challenges, offering encouragement with the message that God’s grace is ever present, regardless of circumstance.   Looking ahead, Krymi teased a plethora of upcoming projects, each showcasing his growth and versatility as an artist.
“Adom” serves as a fitting introduction to this exciting new chapter.   To enjoy this masterpiece, you can listen on all digital platforms.
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