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Wyllbee Unveils Infectious New Single “AYOO”

Wyllbee, the rising star in the music scene, has released his highly anticipated new single titled “AYOO.” The track takes listeners on a captivating musical journey, showcasing Wyllbee’s unique style and undeniable talent.

Drawing inspiration from his diverse musical influences, Wyllbee seamlessly blends rap with infectious melodies in “AYOO.” The song’s smooth flow, catchy hooks, and dynamic delivery create an irresistible vibe that will leave listeners grooving from start to finish. Celebrating the allure of a special someone who has captured his attention, Wyllbee’s lyrics express the feeling of being captivated by her charm and unique qualities.

Following the success of his debut release “Adiepena,” which garnered significant attention from both fans and the media, Wyllbee solidifies his position as an artist to watch with “AYOO.” The track further establishes his reputation for captivating audiences with his artistry.

“AYOO” is now available on all major streaming platforms, including Boomplay: LISTEN NOW. Don’t miss out on this must-listen track for fans of contemporary rap and infectious melodies.


To stay updated on Wyllbee’s latest releases and upcoming projects, follow him on social media:



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BushGang Zee – Taya (Piano & Sax Version)

BushGang Zee, the talented Ghanaian artist known for his unique musical style, has released two captivating versions of his latest track “Taya” with “Taya Piano Version” and “Taya Sax Version” respectively.

“Taya Piano Version” takes listeners on a soulful journey with its enchanting piano arrangements and sizzling vocals that evoke a sense of nostalgia and emotion. The delicate notes and harmonies in this version showcase BushGang Zee’s ability to convey deep feelings through music.
On the other hand, “Taya Sax Version” offers a vibrant and dynamic interpretation of the original track, infusing it with the rich tones of the saxophone. The smooth saxophone melodies in this version add a new dimension to the song, creating a lively and energetic atmosphere that is sure to captivate audiences.
Both “Taya Piano Version” and “Taya Sax Version” by BushGang Zee are now available on all major music platforms for fans to enjoy. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the magic of these two exceptional tracks.



Click on the links below to stream and download these two captivating versions of Taya.

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Alhaji Bull Join Forces With King Paluta On New Song ‘Ghana 3d3’

Ghanaian musician Alhaji Bull after his long break in music has returned with yet another mind blowing single and he label it ‘Ghana 3d3’ which means ‘Sweet Ghana’ in English.


The young musician makes a huge return into the music scene with Ghanaian giant and hit maker King Paluta.


These two great talents have worked on a couple of songs and this comes as no exception but with a catchy and an additive chorus.


It’s a sure bet when this duo meets on a song that is a potential hit song.


Enjoy the song from the link below and be ready to be blow away with dope punchlines and heavy bars from both artistes.


Stream Here:

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Talented Artist Addytan Releases New Promotional Pictures To Power Latest Single ‘Forever’

Addytan, Ghana’s talented and fast-rising singer, released new promotional pictures


The gifted artist, who recently released his debut single for 2024 — ‘Forever’ — appeared fashionable and suave in his freshly released promotional photos.


Listen to Forever here:


He was seen wearing an all-black shirt and jeans, paired with white Nike sneakers with red accents and a white shade, giving him a superb fashion sense.


In other photos, he was wearing the same black shirt and jeans, with braided hair and a chain, proving to the public that he is not only a skilled artist but also a fashionista.


View the images below.



Addytan, born Addy Nii Tettey Antiaye, released his forever single on February 2nd, 2024, letting the world know that he believes everyone deserves pure and genuine love, which was inspired by the adoration he receives, and then discusses his high school love story.

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Ahenfo Drops New Classic High-life Song “Mame Answer”

Ahenfo, a Ghanaian popular talented high-life singer and songwriter has finally released another mind-blowing masterpiece for his fans across the globe dubbed “Mame Answer”.



After releasing back to back good high-life songs, Ahenfo has finally out with another mind-blowing high-life and motivational song for his fans.

”Mame Answer” is his first song for 2024 and it’s already making maves. You can get this masterpiece on all digital platforms.


This mind-blowing masterpiece was produced by award-winning producer, Kin Dee.



Source: Ekow Smith

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“Natural Vibes Riddim” Album Hosts Busy Signal, Jah Cure & More

“Natural Vibes Riddim” is a one-of-a-kind compilation that features some of the most talented and promising reggae artists of today’s music scene. This newcompilation offers a total of ten tracks, representing the work and sound of ten different artists. These include heavy hitters like Jah Cure and Busy Signal, as well as solid Reggae purveyors such as Turbulence, Pressure Busspipe, Ginjah, and Lutan Fyah. Each artist on this compilation has brought their own distinct style and flavour to the table, resulting in an eclectic yet incredibly coherent mix of sounds that still manages to maintain a very unified theme throughout.


Stream Link:


The Natural Vibes Riddim offers a complete musical experience. As with Reggae music, the album is not just about the sound but also about the message. The artistes on this compilation have different qualities to offer, but they’re all like-minded and hope to make a positive impact with their music.


The “Natural Vibes Riddim” compilation is a true representation of its title, as it weaves a well-defined theme throughout the diverse tracks and topics. The compilation sets a strong narrative that connects all the tracks seamlessly, providing a more organic listening experience. It creates a sense of unity, love, purpose, and artistic intent, which enhances the overall listening experience.


Two tracks are already available as a really nice teaser to give people an idea of the vibe that they can expect from the rest of the album.


“Love Will Reign Again” was the first track released in 2022 and is a unique offering from the artist Ginjah. The track has a dreamy feel, with ambient tones and synthesizers that add depth and texture to the background, making the instrumental all the more interesting. The song has a pleasant and catchy melody that is sure to leave the listener humming along. Listen to this track and form your own opinion on whether it is based on romantic or brotherly love, or both.


“You Are Mine,” features the talented Turbulence and brings romance and reggae together. This is a fresh tune with a mid-tempo swing, which highlights the singer’s incredible vocal range, as he effortlessly sings melodically and showcases his impressive grit and power when needed. The song is a perfect blend of musicality and emotion, leaving the listener feeling good due to the pure emotion in the music.


When questioned about Jah Cure’s contribution to the project, CEO Marlon Folkes shared that his track “How Can I Explain” was recorded exactly one day before the unfortunate incident that led to his arrest in 2021.


Veteran dancehall hit-maker Powerman showed his versatility with “Generation of Vipers” which chastises the increasing trend of glorifying violence. Jay Shephard and Kurtiouss are new comers to the Reggae Vibes Music label with romantic love songs, while Rufftop Rock I returns with “Joyful”.


When creating this compilation, CEO, Marlon Folkes stated that Reggae Vibes Music went to great lengths to curate a fantastic listening experience that enables the label to share its philosophy and tenets with a much broader audience of music lovers.


Overall, the “Natural Vibes Riddim” compilation is a must-listen for any reggae enthusiast. It’s a well-crafted collection of tracks that showcases the best of the genre, and it’s sure to leave a lasting impression on any listener. Reggae Vibes Music, the record label behind this compilation, is actually doing a lot for the genre. The label has offices in New York, Atlanta, and Kingston, meaning that it isn’t only tied to the very roots of reggae but also helps spread the genre on a wider scale. In addition, the label is affiliated with Reggae Vibes Media, Reggae Vibes Promotions, and Reggae Vibes Radio, which also contribute to spreading the

Reggae sound and spirit.


For those interested in experiencing the Natural Vibes Riddim, it is now available for pre-order or pre-save, and will soon be available on all major digital streaming platforms on February 9 2024. Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind musical journey!



Find out more and check it out:

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Apostle Eric Deh Drops New Single Dubbed ‘Fakye’

Apostle Eric Deh – Fakye

Ghanaian pastor and singer Apostle Eric Deh is back on the music scene with a new song titled “Fakye”.

Fakye means “forgive” and the song asks for forgiveness from God.

This is a prayer song for every Christian who is seeking God’s mercy and forgiveness.

Apostle Eric Deh is evangelizing through music and hoping to get more people closer to God as they enjoy this song.

Kindly stream the song on all digital platforms and share it with family and friends.

Source: Wyse

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Kofi Bright Drops A Valentine’s Day Gift For The Ladies With “Juujuu Love”, Produced By JMJ

Kofi Bright admits he’s under a spell with “Juujuu Love”.


The 2023 new entrant into the Afrobeats space — Kofi Bright — who debuted with “On You” is back with another lovely song he titles “Juujuu Love”.


“Juujuu Love” produced by JMJ (now JR Music), is a fine and perfect fit for this Valentine’s Day.


About The Song — ‘Juujuu Love’:

It captures the take about a hopeless romantic guy who admonishes to loving a girl unconditionally no matter what happens. “…And still want to be there for her, even when you feel like you’re under a love spell but you still don’t wanna leave her”, Kofi Bright intimates.



Stream Here on All Digital Platforms:



Painting a picturesque, Kofi Bright says, “there’s this guy who always come to see his girlfriend in my area whether rain or shine. One day he came to see her but she wasn’t home and he became hopelessly perplexed, very restless and didn’t know what to do. He meets up on a walkway, he barely knew me but he began talking about his girlfriend to me and how much he loves her et al. That tells how much Love could get people worked up yet so strong it overpowers us, like a spell”.



About Kofi Bright:

He is a Ghanaian born who hails from Kpando in the Volta Region. Majors in Afrobeats, Pop Music as well as indigenous Ghanaian sounds. He was launched under Kwatay Entertainment in 2023 with a video to his debut single “On You”.


Kindly follow him on social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter (X) @KofiBrightMusic.



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Kwame Ye Recruits Jah Lead On Hot New Jam “Mijo”

Ghanaian Rapper/Producer — Kwame Ye — steps out bold with his debut single after rebrand. He titles the song “Mijo”, a reworked Ewe language from “Midzo” which means “Let’s Go”.


Kwame Ye features Jah Lead on this record to break his long hiatus. The song released on January 27th this year is available on all major digital music platforms for streaming and downloads.


Listen Here:



Jah Lead, known for his vivid high pitch vocals didn’t fail on this one either. He serves a very enchanting melody on the record making it relatable to both adult and infant audiences.



About Kwame Ye:

Stemming from a culture of hardcore hiphop and street rap, Kwame Ye, as he loves to be called in the showbiz circles is unapologetic about his style and presentation of rap culture.


Born as Klu Frank, he hails from the Volta Region of Ghana; but primarily grew up in Adenta, a suburb of Greater-Accra where he got inspired to start music as a hobby from childhood. With an unflinchingly real-life perspective, he would be found delivering rap with a gruff rasp influenced by  UK ‘Grime’ and ‘rusty’ beat compositions to fit his style of lyrics.


Kwame Ye is a co-founder of a music clique called Kings Capital Music Group (KCMG).


“I fell in love with art as the days crept, adding more years to my infant self; and while I grew up, my style and passion got influenced more by my peers and lovers of my music; this pushed me more to work more music, write more music, record more music and perform them as well across different stage. Music became a powerful tool for me to express myself effortlessly”, Kwame Ye intimated. He was formerly known as Abladzo Kwame, and would later pick Kwame ye as his newly found space after a new dawn of transformation and revitalisation.


“HipLife and Highlife were my foundation and first influences; both served as therapeutic sounds for me and led me into producing and writing my own music, and exploring other styles (genres)”, he added.


“I would say my style of music is a Fusion of Rap and Afro-Soul; and to keep my origins I use a lot of my native dialect, Ewe, for almost every song I churn out” – Kwame Ye.


Kwame Ye recorded his first song with Skillions (a Ghana-based music clique cum label) at their recording studio titled “Bossu”, featured on by Boynash, a London-based Ghanaian Rapper.


Kwame ye has scored some feats working with notable Ghanaian artistes like Edem, Gemini Orleans, Nektunez, just to name a few.


He also doubles a Fashion Designer who pieces together all kinds of fabrics, creatively, as another form of gifted art.


His global influences? Kanye West, Akon, Lil Wayne, Da Hammer, Nektunez fall on his list of favourites he gets inspired by with their works.


Follow him on social media platforms Twitter (X), Instagram and Facebook @KwameYeMusic

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Gamer YN Unveils His Latest Single, Feelings

After a long period of anticipation, Gamer YN finally unveils his latest single, “Feelings,” – a piece of heartfelt art inspired by a profound event in March of last year. The track stems from a personal experience when Gamer YN’s mother fell unconscious, coinciding with a period of intense relationship challenges. This moment became a catalyst for a transformative mindset, urging him to embrace life while he could.


The instrumental soundscape of “Feelings” is layered with rich timbres of guitar, percussion, drums, and piano, creating a melodic backdrop that complements the complexity of emotions and reflections embedded in the song. The lyrics grapple with a spectrum of feelings and experiences, delving into themes of resilience and self-preservation. The use of imagery, such as “fake yeezy’s” and “cutting down everything non-beneficial,” signals a deliberate effort to distance himself from inauthentic or negative influences. Gamer YN conveys a resolve to focus on what truly matters, guarding emotional well-being. 


The repetition of the mantra, “Ain’t no feelings here to catch no more,” throughout the track becomes a resounding declaration of self-protection and self-preservation. The second verse delves into past disillusionment with figures once admired which eventually culminates into a declaration of commitment to a higher power; a turn towards faith and a reliance on spiritual strength and guidance. “Feelings” is an essential listen, driving forward the essential message of embracing the sanctity of life. 


From the heart of Ghana’s vibrant music scene emerges Gamer YN, the stage name of Daniel Twum Nyarko- a rising hip-hop maestro hailing from Accra. His musical journey began in 2016 with the release of “JUST BELIEVE,” a debut single featuring “Lyrical Joe” and Toffdawg that garnered significant attention on social media. Gamer YN swiftly gained popularity for his distinctive fusion of rap and drill music with traditional Ghanaian rhythms, a style that resonates with audiences both locally and internationally. Influenced by a diverse musical upbringing exposed to highlife, hiplife, and rap, Gamer YN has crafted a unique sound that captivates music lovers. 


His breakthrough came with the release of “Pedigree,” his fourth single, which catapulted him onto the radar of fans and industry professionals. Subsequent hits like “Abo Anoo” and “Annoyed” further solidified his position in the Ghanaian music scene. Beyond solo projects, Gamer YN has made notable contributions to collaborative efforts. His features span London and the United States, particularly on JustcallmeVeto’s “Changed Me” and Shake Munzoo’s “Camouflage” album, highlight his growing influence on the global stage. 


Major performances at events like Rhythm on the Runway and the Bhim Festival are extra accolades in Gamer YN’s arsenal. Looking to the future, Gamer YN aims to build a worldwide bridge connecting Africa to the world through music. His commitment to authenticity, linguistic diversity, and musical innovation positions him as an artist to watch in the Ghanaian hip-hop scene.




Available everywhere now:

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Rap Fada Employs King Paluta On New Song ‘Odo Bi Ye Bad’

Ghanaian artist Rap Fada has release much-anticipated single, ‘Odo Bi Ye Bad,’ and he join forces with Yahitte Hitmaker King Paluta.


‘Odo Bi Ye Bad’ is to give hope and encouragement to all who feels devasted and rejected in their love journey never to give up but persist because Mr or Mrs right will surely come their way.


Rap Fada did a catchy hook to spice up the song as King Paluta exhibited his timely singing ability to accelerate the song on a different level.


Enjoy the potential hit song as produced by Joe Kole Beatz and Mixed by Khendi Beatz


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