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Talented Afrobeat Artiste Kaydee CL Inspires With Latest Release “Abeg”

Kaydee Cl is an emerging Afrobeat artiste known for his distinctive blend of infectious rhythms and meaningful storytelling. Hailing from Accra Kaydee CL has quickly gained recognition for his unique musical style and thought- lyrics. With a growing discography of standout tracks, Kaydee CL continues to captivate audiences with his compelling sound and authentic artistic vision.


In a world that often measures worth by material possessions, rising Afrobeat sensation Kaydee delivers a powerful message of self-belief and resilience in his latest release, “Abeg.” Drawing inspiration from the harsh realities of society, Kaydee’s new single serves as a motivational anthem that encourages listeners to embrace their own worth and persevere through challenges.

“Abeg” is more than just a song; it’s a heartfelt plea to recognize the inherent value within oneself, regardless of societal judgments. Kaydee CL’s skillfully weaves together pulsating Afrobeat rhythms with poignant lyrics that underscore the importance of self-confidence and unwavering determination. The track serves as a reminder that while external opinions may try to define one’s worth, true significance comes from within.

In his own words, Kaydee CL reflects, “We live in a world where people often overlook those without material wealth. ‘Abeg’ is a message to anyone who has felt overlooked or underestimated – it’s a call to believe in yourself and stay committed to your dreams. Don’t be distracted by the noise of others, for they often pay attention only to what they deem ‘relevant’ or beneficial.”

With its compelling message “Abeg” is set to resonate with audiences worldwide. Kaydee CL’s authentic approach to storytelling, coupled with his undeniable musical talent, make this single a must-listen for anyone seeking inspiration and empowerment.

“Abeg” is available now on all major streaming platforms. To stay updated on Kaydee CL journey and future releases, follow him on social media and visit his official website.
Listen and Stream here:

Follow Kaydee:

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Kwame MulZz’s Latest Masterpiece: “Europa 2 Kumasi” Album Review

Belgian-based Ghanaian artist Kwame MulZz has once again proven his musical prowess with the release of his highly anticipated album, “Europa 2 Kumasi“. The album, launched on June 15, 2024, at De Centrale in Gent, Belgium, is a masterful blend of traditional Ghanaian sounds and modern European influences.
“Europa 2 Kumasi” is a narrative of cultural convergence, with each track showcasing Kwame MulZz’s ability to seamlessly merge different musical styles. The album’s title reflects the artist’s journey between his European base and his Ghanaian roots, resulting in a unique sound that is both familiar and innovative.
One of the album’s standout features is the collaboration with Ghanaian highlife legend Pat Thomas on the track “Livable”. Pat Thomas, known for his smooth vocals and timeless style, brings his signature sound to the table, blending perfectly with Kwame MulZz’s modern approach to highlife. Another notable collaboration is with Edward Buadee, a renowned figure in Ghanaian music, who adds his exceptional rhythm and percussion skills to the album.
The album consists of eight tracks, each with its own unique story and meaning:
– “Coming Home”: A heartfelt tribute to Kwame MulZz’s Ghanaian heritage.
– “Rain”: A soulful reflection on the challenges of life.
– “Livable”: An upbeat love song.
Livable ft Pat Thomas & Edward Buadee [ Live Performance With Rebbel Ashes And The 360 Band ]
– “Freeman”: A powerful statement on freedom and identity.
– “No Money”: A relatable anthem about the struggles of making ends meet.
– “Have You Lost Your Mind”: A thought-provoking commentary on mental health.
– “Trouble”: A high-energy track that showcases Kwame MulZz’s ability to blend different musical styles.
In “Europa 2 Kumasi”, Kwame MulZz has created a masterpiece that not only showcases his musical talent but also celebrates the beauty of cultural diversity. The album is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates good music, and it solidifies Kwame MulZz’s position as a leading figure in the music industry.
If you enjoy highlife, Afrobeat, or world music, this album is a must-listen. Even if you’re not familiar with these genres, “Europa 2 Kumasi” is an excellent introduction to the rich musical heritage of Ghana and Europe.
Listen to the Album On:
[Apple Music]
Written by Promoter Koolic
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Bosheba Drops Highly Anticipated EP “Not My Fault”

Ghanaian musician Bosheba has finally released his long-awaited EP, “Not My Fault”. The five-track project is a masterpiece showcasing Bosheba’s unique style and talent. With features from top artists like Medikal, Kofi, De law, Dhemson, Rich Kent, and more, this EP promises to be a game-changer in the music industry.


The EP’s diverse tracks cater to different tastes, from the upbeat “I dey win” to the thought-provoking title track “Not My Fault”. Bosheba’s lyrics are relatable, and his delivery is impressive. The collaborations add an extra layer of depth and creativity to the project.



Bosheba’s “Not My Fault” EP is a testament to his growth and dedication to his craft. With this release, he is set to solidify his position in the Ghanaian music scene. Music lovers are in for a treat, and this EP is sure to be on repeat for a long time.



The “Not My Fault” EP is now available on all major music platforms. Don’t miss out on this musical experience! Stream, download, and enjoy the latest from Bosheba.


Listen To Full EP Here

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King Paluta Drops New Single ‘Makoma’

After teasing fans with his much anticipated single ‘Makoma’; King Paluta has finally off loaded his shoulders with another potential banger.


Serving us with back-to-back hits and leaving stamped memories, the young champ has given us a perfect description of her ideal woman in ‘Makoma’.


Strem Here:


He pours his heart on this love story to tell the whole world how lucky he is to meet this particular lady. ‘Makoma’ is so infectious that you can never skip a sec.


Enjoy ‘Makoma’ from the link below

King Paluta – Makoma:


Story By: Cofy Dela

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Bodwese Unleash New Single “Trapping” Produced By DMB

Bodwese, known for his unique style and captivating lyrics and frontman for BonoTuAbunu Music has dropped a hot new track titled “Trapping” produced by the most wantes DMB. The song is a perfect blend of Bodwese’s raw energy and DMB’s production skills.
“Trapping” immerses listeners in a world of gritty storytelling and infectious beats. Bodwese’s delivery is on point, painting vivid pictures with his words while riding smoothly over DMB’s dynamic production. The track hooks you in from the first beat and keeps you grooving till the last note.
Experience the magic these two artists have created together available on all Streaming Platforms
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Israel Maweta Campaigns Against Child Labour With New Song

World Day Against Child Labour is celebrated every year on June 12th. This year, 2024, it commemorates its 25th Anniversary globally. In lieu with with, Israel Maweta, celebrated Ghanaian Traditional Musician and Gospel Crooner joined with his voice to speak against Child Labour.

He drops a song titled “Say No To Child Labour” to campaign for the initiative. The song is available on all major digital music platforms.

Listen/Download Here:   


Watch Lyric Video on YouTube:

Israel Maweta who also celebrates his 25th Anniversary in music has been at the forefront of social commentary; with at least 23 Albums to his credit, he uses his lyrics to correct many ills of society through his music, across a variety of genres ranging from Borborbor, Agbadza, Zigi, Asafo, Gospel, Reggae, Zouk, Highlife, just to name a few.

His latest Album titled “Amenuveve” features Ghana’s ‘Gospel Artiste of the Year’ (TGMAs) Winner, Nacee, on 2 songs from his 8-tracked Album.

Listen to “Amenuveve” Album Here:

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Kush Keef And Ras Kuuku Drop Conscious Dancehall “E Go Be” (Remix)

Whoever made the decision to put Kush Keef and Ras Kuuku on the remix of this song certainly
made the right decision.



Both artistes sunk in deep with the fitting lyrics and melodies for “E Go Be” Remix.
Many (Ghetto) Youths are really facing it hard during these times with economic downturns and
most of them have given up on their dreams and hard work; nonetheless, there has to be a voice for
the voiceless, thus, Kush Keef recruited Ras Kuuku on this new cut.



“E Go Be” Remix is tipped to be a new street anthem for the streets. The song has sparsely lose lyrics
but with yet explanatory rhymes which carries the message across. The infusion of local dialect in
the song also creates some originality and typically talks to the Ghanaian hustler on the streets.
Released across all major music platforms, the song is available for streams and download.


Listen/Download Here:


About Kush Keef:

From the vibrant hood of Dansoman, Accra, emerges a fresh voice lighting up the Afro-Dancehall
scene: Roland Osei Adofo, lovingly known as Kush Keef. His journey from selling mobile phones from
the lively corners of Circle to making global moves is a heart-warming tale of passion, perseverance
and a deep love for music.



Kush Keef’s love for music began when a friend introduced him to the magic of FruityLoops. Instead
of letting his environment define him, he used it as a canvas for his creativity. Influenced by
Ghanaian music legends like Samini, Jupitar and Mugueez, Kush Keef has crafted his sound that
effortlessly blends Dancehall and Afrobeats.




In 2020, Kush Keef made waves on the international music scene with his debut production
collaboration alongside US-based artist, Dre Skuffs and Trinidad-based female artist, Servanity.
Encouraged by the warm reception, Kush Keef set up his home studio and, with the help of his
FruityLoops mentor, Dream Jay, he crafted his debut EP, “THE BEAST.” This seven-track gem
showcases Kush Keef’s exceptional talent in songwriting and storytelling, which he believes is paving
the way for his rise to stardom.




The release of the music videos for ‘Sijibomi’ and ‘My Baby’ from the EP captured the hearts of
audiences worldwide, garnering impressive views on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, catapulting
Kush Keef onto the Afro-Dancehall scene.




Recently signed by the US-based music record label, Rovl Entertainment, Kush Keef is excited to
share his banging beats, relatable lyrics and unique style with music lovers around the world. With
the upcoming release of his anticipated debut EP, “THE BEAST,” Kush Keef is ready to thrill audiences
with his authentic sound, heartfelt storytelling and undeniable talent.




For Kush Keef, music transcends passion; it is a way to bring people together, spread positivity and
inspire others. With dreams of connecting with a wider audience, performing at major music
festivals and collaborating with renowned artists in the industry, Kush Keef envisions creating a
lasting legacy through his music.


Kindly Subscribe to his Youtube Channel:

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Gospel Minister Pastor Joseph Lawer Releases New Single “What God Can’t Do Does Not Exist”

The song is the lead melody from his newest Grace album.
From the foregoing, it is with no doubt that the song released recently has quickly resonated with listeners within just a matter of a short time.
Known for his soulful voice and deeply spiritual lyrics, Pastor Joseph Lawer has delivered a powerful anthem of faith and hope with “What God Can’t Do Does Not Exist”.
As the song continues to gain popularity, it is clear that “What God Can’t Do Does Not Exist” is certainly going to become a favorite among gospel music fans, touching hearts and lifting spirits around the globe.
The song “What God Can’t Do Does Not Exist” combines contemporary urban gospel rhythms, creating a sound that is both modern and timeless.
The song’s uplifting melody and heartfelt lyrics speak to the challenges and triumphs of the spiritual journey, offering a message of encouragement and divine inspiration.
In an exclusive interview, Pastor Joseph Lawer revealed that he wakes up almost everyday with a new song dropping into his spirit.
“The song “What God Can’t Do Does Not Exist” was a direct inspiration from the Holy Ghost as I saw the power and mercies of God do what man think was impossible in my life and in the life of others,” he emphasized.
He added that “it is a sure prophetic message for every child of God that the Lord reigns supreme above all circumstances and situations and they should never ever think of giving up on God.”
“To my fans, the Grace album released has four tracks which include:
1. What God Can’t Do Does Not Exist,
2. Okayeho (God Is With Us)
3. Awesome God
4. Adea Yesu Ay3
….I want to assure the fans and all music lovers that we have over 100 mastered songs and over 500 songs we are working on so the journey has just begun.
Also, Central Region In Worship will soon be launched and held across many communities. All details will be communicated in due time.”
Pastor Joseph Lawer’s vocal performance is both emotive and dynamic, capturing the song’s essence of seeking and finding spiritual solace in the powers and unconditional boundless love of the ALMIGHTY GOD.
Brief Bio Of Pastor Joseph Lawer
Pastor Joseph Lawer is seasoned Minister of the gospel and the Founder of the Liberty House Chantry, an author of over ten (10) books and a gospel artist.
He holds M.Phil in Soil Science from the University of Ghana, Legon and a Bachelor degree from the University of Education, Winneba.
He is a professional teacher with over 13 years teaching experience.
As a prophet of God, he has used music as a medium of communication to inspire and offer hope to many.
Connect With Pastor Joseph Lawer:
TikTok- Pastor Lawer
YouTube- Pastor Lawer
Facebook – Joseph Lawer
Facebook – Pastor Lawer-Liberty Hour
VIEW RELEASE: What God cant Do Does Not Exist – Pastor Lawer
VIEW RELEASE: Adea Yesu Ay3 – Pastor Lawer
VIEW RELEASE: Awesome God – Pastor Lawer
*lVIEW RELEASE: Okayeho – Pastor Lawer
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Kwame MulZz Features Legendary Ghanaian Highlife Artist Pat Thomas And Edward Buadee On New Song

Belgian-based Ghanaian artist Kwame MulZz recently released his new album, Europa 2 Kumasi, which has been making waves in the music market. Among the standout tracks is “Livable,” a song that features two legendary figures in Ghanaian highlife music: Pat Thomas and Edward Buadee. These two artists are among the most prominent musicians in the history of Ghanaian music, and their collaboration on this track is a significant event for fans of the genre.
Kwame MulZz, known for his unique blend of traditional Ghanaian sounds with contemporary influences, has been steadily gaining popularity both in Ghana and internationally. His latest album, Europa 2 Kumasi, reflects his journey from Ghana to Belgium and showcases his ability to merge diverse musical styles. The album’s success is a testament to his growing influence in the music industry.
Released just a few days ago, Europa 2 Kumasi has quickly climbed the charts, demonstrating Kwame MulZz’s ability to captivate audiences. The album is a mix of different genres, but it stays true to his roots in highlife music. Each track tells a story, blending the vibrant sounds of Ghana with the modern beats of Europe, creating a unique and engaging listening experience.
One of the most talked-about songs on the album is “Livable,” which features highlife legends Pat Thomas and Edward Buadee. This track stands out not only for its catchy melody and compelling lyrics but also for the historical significance of the collaboration.
Pat Thomas, often referred to as the “Golden Voice of Africa,” has been a pivotal figure in the highlife music scene for decades. With a career spanning over fifty years, Thomas has released numerous hits and has been influential in popularizing highlife music worldwide. His smooth vocals and timeless style have made him a beloved figure in Ghanaian music.
Edward Buadee, another icon in Ghanaian music, is known for his exceptional skills in rhythm and percussion. His contributions to highlife music have been immense, and he has collaborated with many of the greats in the industry. Buadee’s rhythmic expertise and dynamic performances have cemented his place in the history of Ghanaian music.
The collaboration on “Livable” brings together the past and present of Ghanaian music. Kwame MulZz’s modern approach to highlife, combined with the legendary talents of Pat Thomas and Edward Buadee, creates a song that is both nostalgic and fresh. The track pays homage to the rich history of highlife music while also pushing its boundaries, introducing it to new audiences around the world.
Since its release, “Livable” has received widespread acclaim from fans and critics alike. The song’s success is a clear indication of the enduring popularity of highlife music and its ability to evolve and remain relevant. The collaboration has also sparked renewed interest in the works of Pat Thomas and Edward Buadee, allowing a new generation of listeners to discover their music.
Kwame MulZz’s Europa 2 Kumasi is more than just an album; it’s a celebration of Ghanaian music and culture. The inclusion of “Livable” with highlife legends Pat Thomas and Edward Buadee underscores the importance of preserving and honoring musical traditions while also embracing innovation. This collaboration is a milestone in Kwame MulZz’s career and a testament to the timeless appeal of highlife music.
As Europa 2 Kumasi continues to gain traction, it’s clear that Kwame MulZz is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. His ability to bridge the gap between different musical eras and styles ensures that his work will be appreciated by both old fans and new listeners for years to come.
Written By Promoter Koolic
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Run Up Features Larruso On New Dancehall Jam “Wilding”

Run Up has set the ball rolling with a major step with the release of his latest Dancehall Jam he titles “Wilding”.


Tapping into the Gen Z energies, he recruits Larruso for this new jam produced by CaskeysOnit. Song is out on all music platforms.



“Wilding” is a motivational Dancehall Song by Run Up and is tipped to swiftly take over the streets among the ghetto youths to whom the song is directed. In the song, Run Up urges the youth not to give up and ‘keep striving’ till the bread fills the basket. Larruso also came on with his critically inclined lyrics along same storyline.


Listen Here:



The new generation of Dancehallers seem to have a different and a suave direction for the Culture with their choice of riddims and lyrics; award-winning Ghanaian Producer, CaskeysOnit connected well with both young chaps and delivered the appropriate beat composition to complement their melodies and thought-process.



About Run Up:

Born Felix Odei Tinkorang, but known to the world as Run Up. This Reggae/Dancehall/Afro Dancehall artiste boasts of numerous talents with his versatility across various music disciplines. Raised in Zeetown (Sabon Zongo) and having lived most of his life in Kaneshie, it was in Kaneshie that he discovered his passion for music and began honing it.


As a child, Run Up was heavily influenced by his father, who played a variety of music genres including Reggae, Highlife, and Hiplife. This early exposure fostered his love for music. During his adolescence, Run Up became captivated by Stonebwoy’s music, idolizing him to the extent of sampling Stonebwoy’s beats for school performances. Around this time, he also met Wanga Lee, an artiste who taught him more about dancehall music. Their relationship between Run Up and Wanga Lee was akin to Vybz Kartel and Popcaan’s music relationship.


Run Up’s latest track, “WILDING,” is an inspirational piece encouraging the youth to relentlessly strive for a better life, laying a strong foundation for themselves and their future generations.


Anticipate his upcoming EP with Million Stylez, set to be released soon. Run Up is here to achieve great things. Watch out!


Follow him on his Social Media connects below:



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KO7 Recruits Ras Kuuku On New Single Titled ‘LINK UP’

Fast-uprising musician John Nkansah popularly known as KO7 joins forces with the award winning reggae-dancehall heavyweight Ras Kuuku to deliver an electrifying new single titled “LINK UP.” This dynamic partnership between two of the most promising talents in the music industry promises to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression.

“Link Up” is a vibrant fusion of Afrobeat rhythms and soulful melodies, showcasing Joshua KO7’s signature style alongside Ras Kuuku’s distinctive vocal prowess. The track transports listeners on a musical journey.

“Link Up” is set to make waves on the music scene, with its infectious rhythm and irresistible charm poised to win over audiences worldwide.


Get KO7 x Ras Kuuku – Link Up here:



John Nkansah, popularly known as KO7 , is a fast-rising artist from Kwahu Obomeng in the Eastern Region of Ghana, With his unique blend of highlife and afrobeat, he has quickly become a fan favorite in the region and beyond.


  KO7 Music started his music career in 2013 and has been on a steady rise ever since. He caught the attention of music lovers in the region with his hit song “Ya Socketti” in 2019, which showcased his catchy melodies and relatable lyrics.


 In 2019, KO7 Music won the Eastern Music Awards Best Collaboration of the Year award, and this served as a stepping stone for him to gain more recognition in the industry. He has also won the Kwahu Music Awards Artist of the Year in 2022 and 2023, as well as the Eastern Music Awards Artiste of the Year in 2022 and 2023.


 Some of KO7 Music’s notable songs include “Gaza,” “Na Who,” “Style Biaabi,” and “Ya Socketti.” He also released a song titled “All Stars” in 2021, which featured all the top artists in Kwahu. This song served as a testament to his ability to bring artists together and create a hit song.


 Apart from his music, KO7 Music is also known for his philanthropic works in the community. He has used his platform to support various initiatives, including providing scholarships to students in his hometown and supporting the construction of a community library. KO7 Music has featured a lot of top artists on his songs such as Fameye, Obibini, Epixode, Luther now Luta GH, and many other top artists.


KO7 Music is a rising star in the Ghanaian music industry, and his talent and hard work have earned him a loyal fan base. With his unique sound and dedication to his craft, it is only a matter of time before he becomes a household name in Ghana and beyond.


 KO7 Music’s hard work and dedication to his craft have paid off, and he has worked with various record labels such as Sent One Records, Wireless Moni Crew, and Team Success Entertainment. He is currently signed under 7Muzik record label and has been making waves with his latest song titled ‘No Fake’ and enjoying good streaming numbers in the digital space.

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